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Cities in Kansas range from the major metropolitan areas to the nicest small towns you’ll ever visit. Kansas communities bear such distinctions as Little Sweden, Midway USA, and the Disc Golf Capital of the World. Historical influences like Dwight D. Eisenhower, Amelia Earhart, Walter Chrysler, and Charles Curtis called Kansas home.


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Come to Hays to experience opportunities you won’t find anywhere else in Kansas. With a revitalized downtown you can enjoy award…

Kansas City

Visit Kansas City, KS! The history of Kansas City is a tale of two cities; Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO. Divided by the Missouri…

Junction City

One of the older and most notable communities in Kansas, Junction City is a great place to visit with its small town atmosphere, rural charm…


Wichita is a place where art aficionados, history lovers, self-proclaimed foodies and outdoor adventurers all find a lot to love. 


Lindsborg is a small city located in McPherson County and just a few miles south of Salina.  The city is known for its association with…

Dodge City

Head ‘em up and move ‘em out!  Grab your hat and boots for a western adventure in Dodge City.


Located in the middle of everywhere, Humboldt has it. We are a city that cares about revitalization, our history, having fun, making things…


Just under 50,000 people, Salina is the right place for warm hospitality, and the perfect blend of big-city amenities with small-town…


Beautiful, historic Atchison is located on the banks of the Missouri River in the northeast corner of Kansas. Atchison is unique for…

Arkansas City

Arkansas City, best known as 'Ark City,' is located just outside of Wichita. With its abundance of trees, parks, we are also home to…

Cottonwood Falls

Nestled in the heart of the Flint Hills and situated along the breathtaking Flint Hills National Scenic Byway, Cottonwood Falls showcases…


Iola sits at the crossroads of U.S. Route 54 and U.S. Route 169, nestled between Kansas’s Flint Hills and Missouri’s Ozarks…

Garden City

Garden City attractions include Buffalo Dunes Golf Course, Finney County Fair, Lee Richard Zoo and the Tumbleweed Festival just to name a…


A vibrant Kansas community of about 20,000 people, Newton was founded in 1871 as the Santa Fe Railroad chugged westward across the plains…

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