Flint Hills

National Scenic Byway

The 47-mile-long Flint Hills National Scenic Byway offers incredible views of the native grasses and flowers of the tallgrass prairie - one of the last remaining landscapes left in America. Much of the land along the Byway looks as it did thousands of years ago when the Kaw, Osage, and other native tribes lived here. Early settlers navigated the famous Santa Fe Trail through here, some stopping to build the towns of Council Grove, Cottonwood Falls, Cassoday, Matfield Green, and Strong City.

Today, the Flint Hills area is home to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and historic venues such as the Kaw Mission and Last Chance Store Museums on the Santa Fe Trail. You'll also find towns filled with charming shops, restaurants, artwork, historical sites, and antiques

  • Route Description

    Distance: 47 Miles

    Council Grove to Cassoday (North to South): Starting in Council Grove, KS at the intersection of US-56 and K-177, head south towards Strong City, KSCottonwood Falls, KS, and Matfield Green, KS. Continue on K-177 for the entire route duration until it eventually concludes in Cassoday, KS. Be sure to check out the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve just north of Strong City, KS, for beautiful scenery along the way! 

    Cassoday to Council Grove (South to North): Starting in Cassoday, KS, head north on K-177 towards the cities of Matfield Green, KSCottonwood Falls, KS, and Strong City, KS. Continue on K-177 for the entire route duration until it eventually concludes in Council Grove, KS. Check out the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve just north of Strong City, KS, for beautiful scenery along the way! 

  • Plan Your Road Trip

    Teter Rock

    An upended limestone monolith juts unexpectedly up into the endless blue sky of the Flint Hills. Located at the crest of the highest hill in…

    The Cottage House Hotel and Motel

    A trip to Council Grove, Kansas, and a stay at The Cottage House Hotel and Motel t is a beautiful and captivating journey back to the days…

    Bazaar Cattle Pens

    Check out the scenic overlook that allows travelers an opportunity to pull over and get a better view of the Flint Hills. Visitors can see…

    Chase Lake Falls

    Prather Creek Falls, also known as Chase Lake Falls, may not be the tallest of all the waterfalls in Kansas, but it’s become one of my…

    Pioneer Bluffs

    “Come home” to Pioneer Bluffs and take time to enjoy a simpler life. Bring a picnic, hike along Crocker Creek, and explore the oak savannah…

    Flint Hills Trail State Park

    The Flint Hills Trail stretches for 117 miles across east-central Kansas, from Osawatomie in the east to Herington in the west, and passes…

    Chase County Courthouse

    Built 1872-1873, this French Renaissance native limestone building is the oldest working courthouse in the state of Kansas. During the…

    Tallgrass Antiques

    Tallgrass Antiques specializes in antiques, primitives and architectural salvage as well as fine restored furniture. We carry lots of doors…

    Flint Hills Gallery, LLC

    Studio and gallery of famed Flint Hills artists Judith and Ken Mackey. Oil paintings by Judith Mackey. Mackey, considered by many to be the…

    Spring Street Retreat

    Spring Street Retreat is bed and breakfast in the heart of the Flint Hills in Cottonwood Falls. Come spend a weekend in this beautifully…

  • Hear about the Flint Hills as you explore the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway!

    Flint Hills National Scenic Byway educates and entertains travelers with a Travel Information Radio System. Tune your vehicle’s radio to 1680 AM and hear about local history; wildlife, and ecosystems of the tallgrass prairie; why ranchers burn pastures; special events taking place in local communities; and much more. To keep the signal strong throughout your drive, three transmitters are located along the route: one each in Cassoday (WQCW625), Cottonwood Falls (WQCU481), and Council Grove (WQCU480).

  • Things to do along the way

    Flint Hills Byway Photos

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