Kansas Weather & Climate

What is the weather like in Kansas?

Kansas weather is known for having significant variability in temperature and precipitation throughout the year. The state's strong wind gusts, "big sky," and dramatic sunsets are essential aspects of the regional personality. Snow, wind, and rain are common throughout the state during corresponding seasons, and the continental climate (on occasion) can produce radical changes in day-to-day temperatures.

Seasonal Variation

Generally, the summers are pretty warm, the winters are mild, and the humidity is moderate. January is the coldest month, with average high temperatures near 31 degrees. July is the warmest month, with average high temperatures near 81 degrees. Much hotter summers and cold winters are not uncommon. For each season, we have road trips perfect for the time of year! We always recommend packing for all occasions as Kansas weather seems to have a mind of its own.

Annual precipitation amounts range from 30 - 40 inches in the east, while drier conditions are common in the west. In Kansas, you can enjoy four distinct seasons, each with unique qualities. Each season comes special events such as Symphony in the Flint Hills each spring/summer and Christmas City of the High Plains each winter. Discover more events as they are posted on our events page!

Regional Variation

If you plan to visit more than one region on your visit, make sure to check the local weather channel or weather app, as it can change as you travel. The western and central regions of the state a much drier and have less rain than the eastern regions. Some cities are windier than others, but Kansas is, overall, a very windy place! Keeping a light jacket and a change of footwear nearby is the best option; sunscreen and bug spray are also best to have in the summer. 

Average Temperatures

January 31°
February 36°
March 44°
April 57°
May 66°
June 76°
July 81°
August 80°
September 71°
October 60°
November 45°
December 35°

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