Submit an Event

Fill out the fields below in order to have your event(s) listed in our online calendar. Please note: Your event will not automatically be added to the calendar once you click "Submit Event" at the bottom of the form. It will first go through an approval process to make sure that it contains all the information needed to be added. You will be notified if your event can not be approved.

Accounts/listings are required through our system to place events with the correct information, please contact your local Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or Tourism Group to see if they have an account or listing that you can tie your even too. If not, we can work with you to get this created.

Please submit events at least 2 weeks before they take place. Event approvals are subject to criteria that can be found under travel industry in the training center. An account and listing will need to be created before an event can be approved for a location. We also ask that photos be added to events that start at 510x312 in dimension or at a 2MB file size. Thank you!

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