Famous Kansans

Kansas is home to innovators, creators, performers, and visionaries that have made lasting impacts to their industries and our American history. We've gathered up a list of a few iconic modern and historical Kansans. Did you know all of the famous people from Kansas on this list?

Don't forget to visit our suggested spots to get to know some of these famous Kansans on an even deeper level!

John Brown Memorial Park

This 23-acre park features the John Brown Museum State Historic Site where the cabin John Brown used as his headquarters still stands.

John Brown Statue

Near the heart of the city, this statue pays tribute to John Brown, one of the nation’s early-day opponents of slavery.

Charles Curtis House Museum

*Currently Closed UPDATE: The home is in estate transition and currently closed, please check back for updated information and re-opening…

Historic Topeka Cemetery

Historic Topeka Cemetery is an active cemetery and a historic site. In business since 1859, Topeka Cemetery is the final resting place of…

Fick Fossil and History Museum

Museum focuses on local fossils and history. See an extensive historic photo display, Mrs. Fick's creative folk-artwork with fossils and…

Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum

Restored home where the internationally-famous aviatrix was born on July 24, 1897. Contains family heirlooms, displays, and photographs…

Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum

Home of Muriel , the last remaining Lockheed Electra 10-E! Muriel is identical to the airplane Amelia Earhart went missing in on her famed…

Amelia Earhart Earthwork

This one-acre portrait was created by famed Kansas artist Stan Herd in 1997. It lies on a hillside overlooking Warnock Lake and is composed…

Abilene Mural

Graffiti artist, Whitney Kerr, completed this vintage postcard-inspired mural in downtown Abilene. Each letter depicts an important part of…

Kansas State University

Kansas State University offers the most acclaimed, unique "Family" experience for students, parents, and visitors. Wildcats' athletics…

Riley County Historical Museum

The story of Manhattan's beginnings, as well as that of many of the surrounding communities of Riley County, involves the hopes and desires…

William Inge Center for the Arts

Mission: To nurture, celebrate and promote the achievements of playwrights, playwriting and the American theater; in order to educate…

William Inge Collection

The Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist William Inge was born and raised in Independence. Highlights of The William Inge Collection are…

Hattie McDaniel Memorial

Hattie McDaniel, born in Wichita, made history as the first Black actor to win an Academy Award. Learn more about this Hollywood legend at a…

African American History Trail

Explore the African American History Trail in Kansas as it visits sites throughout the state. The sites include: Nicodemus, African American…

Allen Fieldhouse

One (or three practice) basketball court(s) with hardwood surface and scoreboard. Get a guided tour of this storied college basketball…

Naismith Valley Park

This 25-acre greenbelt stretching from 24th to 29th Streets is currently accessible by foot from 24th St., 25th St. and 27 St. It was one of…

Gordon Parks Exhibit

The collection of 51 photographs and 14 poems showcase the work of the late Gordon Parks (1912-2006).

African American History Trail

Explore the African American History Trail in Kansas as it visits sites throughout the state. The sites include: Nicodemus, African American…

Cherryvale Museum

Featuring rooms of artifacts & historical items, china, glassware, & furniture. Special Memorial Tributes to Vivian Vance of "I Love Lucy"…

Red Rocks State Historic Site

William Allen White rented this house from 1899 until he purchased it in 1901. It was his home for 45 years. The two-and-a-half story house…

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