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These beauties aren't just our state flower but also are a gorgeous backdrop for photos around Kansas! Sunflowers pop up each summer in the state but remember, not all sunflower fields that are planted are open to the public, so please be respectful of the fields and research before you head out with a camera. Visiting sunflower fields that are open to the public is a great way to support local farmers and to Shop Kansas Farms! We'll be adding more public sunflower fields to our list as we find them! 

Most fields have Facebook pages that they update, so keep an eye on those as they share when their fields are at their best. Enjoy the beauty of these yellow flowers while they thrive in the Kansas sun. View the map below for locations!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is sunflower season in Kansas?

Wild sunflowers bloom in natural spaces during the summer months, but cultivated sunflowers (the big ones as seen in the photo above) can be found late summer (mid-August) to early fall (early October). Fields are planted at different times and weather can affect bloom peaks.

What is the best time to go to a sunflower field?

Each sunflower field will have a little different peak bloom (due to planting dates, variety selected and even weather), but a good rule of thumb is to really start looking in September. We'll be updating the expected peak blooms at fields around the state below as soon as the individual fams start posting estimates! 

Can you pick sunflowers in Kansas?

This depends! Please remember that not all sunflower fields are open to the public, so please don't pick any sunflowers from those that are not open. Some publicly open farms do allow you to take a few stems home, they just ask for a small donation so that they can plant again for you next year. Be sure to look for signage at the field that you visit, or better yet, ask the farmer! 

How long are sunflowers in bloom?

Individual fields are usually only in bloom for about a two-week period, so once you find the field you'd like to go to be sure to follow them on social media to ensure that you get there in that limited timeframe. Cultivated sunflowers (the big ones as seen in the photo above) can be found late summer (mid-August) to early fall (early October). Fields are planted at different times and weather can affect bloom peaks.

Where are sunflowers grown in Kansas?

While sunflower fields can be spotted all over the state, many of the sunflower fields that are open to the public are located in central and eastern Kansas. However, the Goodland area is notable for it's large sunflower production with Goodland being nicknamed the Sunflower City of Kansas. Kansas ranks 4th in the US in sunflower production, and we grow both non-oil as well as oil type varieties. In 2018, 89 million pounds of sunflowers were grown on 65,000 acres,

Each of the fields below have different hours of operation, admission pricing, donation requests and professional photographer guidelines. Please follow the link to learn more about your field of choice! If you have a question regarding these fields, please reach out to the farms directly via their website or Facebook pages.

We have updates for the 2021 season from the following fields:

  1. Grinter Farms - Lawrence - Sunflowers are currently in bloom as of the first week of September. 
  2. Berry Hill UPick Farm - Berryton - Season has ended.
  3. Eleanor's - Scranton - Field will remain open until Labor Day.
  4. Britt's Garden Acres - Manhattan - Estimated bloom August 29 - September 13 (with the best blooms before September 9). A second field will be open with their pumpkin patch October 5 - 19.
  5. Kansas Maze, Inc Gaeddert Farms - Will be hosting their Sunflower Festival August 21 - September 11, 2021. 
  6. The Heights - Lindsborg - Sunflowers are blooming now! They are estimating a bloom until September 14.
  7. Klausmeyer Dairy & Pumpkin Patch - Clearwater - Last field open September 1, blooms will last 7-10 days.
  8. Walters Pumpkin Patch - Burns - Season has ended.
  9. Gieringer's Family Orchard - Edgerton - Sunflower Festival will have evening Sunflower access on September 1, 2. Additional access September 4, 5 (take a look at their Facebook page for time announcements.)
  10. Cedar Creek Farm - Maize - Season has ended.
  11. A & H Farm - Manhattan - Currently open until 8 pm every evening. Take a look at their Facebook for more info.
  12. KC Pumpkin Patch - Olathe - Season has ended.
  13. Diana Burress Fields - Augusta - Estimating a peak bloom sometime over Labor Day weekend. Blooms usually last around 2 weeks. Visitors are welcome sun-up to sun-down.

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