Native Stone

Scenic Byway

Discover the natural beauty of the panoramic 75-mile-long Native Stone Scenic Byway. Seen in everything from hillsides to courthouses, these amazing natural limestone formations and stonework used in architecture can be found along highways K-177, K-18, K-4, and K-99 in the Mission Creek and Mill Creek valleys, as well as through the stunning Flint Hills.

Limestone is the bedrock on which much of Kansas rests, and this stone has been the building block of many historical buildings and the source of countless natural landmarks. The Native Stone Scenic Byway highlights the natural wonder of rock formations and the fantastic craftwork of masons who built the small towns and communities with native stone.

  • Driving Directions

    Distance: 75 miles

    Traveling east to west: The route begins east of Dover at the intersection of K-4 and Glick Rd. Head west on K-4 towards Eskridge, KS. Continue west on K-4 for about 10 more miles and make a right on K-99 towards Alma, KS. Continue north on K-99 for 20 miles and then turn left onto K-18 towards Wabaunsee, KS. Follow K-18 for roughly 11 miles heading west towards Manhattan, KS. Once you reach K-177 just outside of Manhattan, make a left onto K-177 and continue for 8 miles until the route concludes at I-70 exit 313.

    Traveling west to east: Beginning at the 313 exit on I-70 just south of Manhattan, KS, head north on K-177 for about 8 miles until you reach the outskirts of Manhattan. At the intersection of K-177 and K-18, make a right onto K-18. Continue east for an additional 11 miles towards Wabaunsee, KS, until you reach the intersection of K-18 and K-99 just east of Wabaunsee. Make a right onto K-99 and head south towards Alma, KS. Stay on K-99 for 20 miles until you reach the intersection of K-99 and K-4. Make a left onto K-4 and continue onwards for 10 miles until you reach Eskridge, KS. Remain on K-4 until the byway’s end east of Dover at the intersection of K-4 and Glick Rd.

  • Plan Your Road Trip

    Mill Creek Lodge At Volland Point

    The ranch homestead dates from 1865 and is a Registered National Historical Site. The three story stone guest house provides 9 bedrooms and…

    Konza Prairie Biological Station

    8,600 acres of quiet, rolling hills marked with flint and limestone dominate the landscapes around Manhattan KS. Kansas State University…

    The Antique Emporium of Alma

    This large multi-dealer shop located in Historic Downtown Alma has 9 rooms full of antiques and collectibles. Open 6 days a week for your…

    Lake Wabaunsee

    Lake Wabaunsee is a wonderful recreational lake and community to call home, vacation or just visit! This spring-fed lake cannot be matched…

    Flint Hills Discovery Center

    Open since April 2012, the Flint Hills Discovery Center is a 35,000 square foot facility that immerses visitors within the wonder and beauty…

    Alma Creamery, LLC

    New Retail Location! Stop by our newest retail location right off I-70 at the Plaza of the Flint Hills! See our full list of retail…

    Beecher Bible and Rifle Church

    When the Kansas-Nebraska Bill passed in May 1854, it allowed Kansans to have a say about whether theirs would be a free or a slave state…

    Hilda's Diner

    Hilda’s Diner in Eskridge serves home cooked meals and pies daily with a rotating menu. Stop by for home cooked breakfast made to order!…

    Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie

    Envisioned over 50 years ago as place to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of the Connecticut abolitionists who helped defeat slavery…

    The Volland Foundation

    The Volland Foundation’s renovation of the Kratzer Brother’s Mercantile and other sites on its campus have helped Volland reclaim its role…

  • Things to do along the way


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    For more information about the Native Stone Scenic Byway, contact:

    Marsha Ericson