Things to Do On Highway 36 in Kansas

Kansas US-36 Road Trip

Welcome to Highway 36 in Kansas! Running through the 13 northernmost counties and stretching from the rolling Glacial Hills in the far east to the High Plains in the far west, Highway 36 comes with plenty of things to see and do while on your journey. 

Highway 36 is also ideal for those who enjoy taking scenic detours. The eastern portion of Highway 36 gives you easy access to the ancient glaciers of the Glacial Hill Scenic Byway, while out west, the Land & Sky Scenic Byway will have your eyes feasting on canyons formed by loess rock! 

A few miles north of Highway 36  is where you'll find the Geographic Center of the lower 48 states just outside of Lebanon. The route also has excellent places to stop and enjoy outdoor activities at Lovewell State Park and Prairie Dog State Park. History buffs will also love Highway 36's museums and historical landmarks!

Throughout the journey, you'll find communities with small-town charm, excellent overnight lodging, and restaurants with great local food! You'll experience Kansas hospitality at its finest while traveling Highway 36!

Already on the road and looking for road conditions on Highway 36 in Kansas? Our friends at KanDrive can help. You’ll find information about weather, construction, and accidents on Highway 36 in Kansas.

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