Animal Experiences

Apiaries, Bison, Livestock, and Petting Zoos!

Agriculture animal production in Kansas ranges from alpacas to bison and everything in between! Animals in agriculture are used for a wide variety of purposes and produce a wide variety of products, such as meat, fleece, honey, and milk, to name a few! Make a new furry friend and learn all about animal agriculture by visiting one of the locations below!

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Lavender Farms

Kansas is home to some of the most beautiful fields of Lavender in the Nation!

Christmas Tree Farms

Christmas tree farms in Kansas are a magical experience that encapsulates the spirit of the holiday season.


Find out where to find Sunflower Fields in Kansas!

Historic Agriculture

Kansas's history is deeply rooted in its relationship with the practice of farming and agriculture. So much so that we have historical…

Farm Stay and Plays

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Outdoor Adventures

Kansas has so much space for visitors to enjoy the outdoors. Many of our Agritourism destinations are fantastic places to get outside for…

Kansas Seasonal Favorites

Kansas farmers, residents, and visitors alike, all must to adjust to the seasonal weather. Some of the best times to witness iconic…

Ranch Experiences

Kansas is well known as an agricultural state. While having fun on a farm isn't a requirement in Kansas, it is something we encourage!…

Fresh Fruit & Produce

Travel throughout Kansas to get some of the best farm-fresh food and produce in the entire country. Shop at Kansas Farmer's Markets and…