Kansas Agritourism Attractions

Kansas farm experiences or agritourism experiences are as diverse as our landscape! Agritourism allows the unique opportunity for you to view, interact, and learn about the agriculture industry in our state. 

Get an up-close experience with a variety of farm animals. Take a step back from your crazy schedule and book a relaxing Kansas farm stay and play! Do your taste buds a favor and shop at one of our many farmers' markets or farm stands. Take a step back in time and explore the rich history of agriculture in Kansas! Enjoy the changing seasons with your Kansas seasonal Favorites. Explore the great outdoor adventures throughout Kansas! Get your hands dirty and visit a working ranch, or stroll through a vineyard and sip a nice glass of wine at one of our Kansas wineries and vineyards. Agritourism is all about finding the roots that connect us all!

With well over 400 unique registered agritourism operations to visit throughout the state, the opportunities to make memories are endless for all ages!

Rooftop Garden in Wichita!

Registered Agritourism

There's no better way to connect with your food, fuel and fiber than by connecting with the people that grow it! Agritourism is all about that connection.  

Agritourism Blogs

Get Down on the Farm

Christmas Tree Farms

Christmas tree farms in Kansas are a magical experience that encapsulates the spirit of the holiday season.

Animal Experiences

Have you ever wondered if you can ride on a stagecoach, go on a  bison tour, or take yourself through epic horseback riding…


Farm to table, farm to fork, locally sourced…whatever you call it, know that it will be farm fresh, local and keep you wanting more.

Farm Stay and Plays

In search of comfortable country stays or memorable places to gather with family and friends? Agritourism destinations in Kansas have plenty…

Fresh Fruit & Produce

Travel throughout Kansas to get some of the best farm-fresh food and produce in the entire country. Shop at Kansas Farmer's Markets and…

Historic Agriculture

Kansas's history is deeply rooted in its relationship with the practice of farming and agriculture. So much so that we have historical…

Kansas Seasonal Favorites

Kansas farmers, residents, and visitors alike, all must to adjust to the seasonal weather. Some of the best times to witness iconic…

Lavender Farms

Kansas is home to some of the most beautiful fields of Lavender in the Nation!

Outdoor Adventures

Kansas has so much space for visitors to enjoy the outdoors. Many of our Agritourism destinations are fantastic places to get outside for…

Ranch Experiences

Kansas is well known as an agricultural state. While having fun on a farm isn't a requirement in Kansas, it is something we encourage!…