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Wilson State Park

Wilson State Park

Known for the Switchgrass Trail, Wilson State Park is a perfect outdoor adventurist escape! Discover more adventure Learn more


State Park & Reservoir

Terms like “world-class” and “one of the nation’s best” are usually unwarranted. Both are accurate for Wilson State Park.

The park is at a reservoir with water so clear you can read the date on a dime in two feet deep. A rugged and rocky shoreline meets perfect Smoky Hills prairie. It’s been officially ranked within the top one percent of American parks for beauty.

The 25-mile Switchgrass Mountain Bike Trail has been designated world-class by international experts. The trail rides the edges of cliffs far above the lake with long straightaways and tight switchbacks amid the healthy prairie.

The park and trail are so excellent and revered, most years they draw visitors from nearly every state and six or more nations.

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