Celebrating the Sunflower State

OUR CURRENT ISSUE | April - June 2023

In this issue of KANSAS!, we're setting the record straight on some of our state's record-breaking attractions. You'll also meet a basketball free-throw legend. Plus, see how community volunteers are making a difference at Greenwood Cemetery.




'We are Still Here'

Illustration by Lana Grove A few years ago, I was discussing my Osage (𐓷𐓘𐓻𐓘𐓻𐓟) citizenship…


The Wild Mustangs of the Flint Hills

Sep 20, 2019

Photography by Dave Leiker Kansas ranchers team with a national program to bring mustang herds back… Read More

Tulip Time in Kansas

Mar 12, 2018

When you think of springtime in Kansas, the images that come to mind are thunderstorms, warming… Read More

Behind the Lens with Nick Krug

Jul 28, 2022

A conversation with KANSAS! photographers about their lives in photography Originally raised in St… Read More


Ten Kansas Military Legends to Know

Nov 03, 2021

Kansas Tourism General Lewis W. Walt General Lewis Walt was born in Wabaunsee County in 1913. He was… Read More

Beautiful Days in Our Neighborhoods

Jun 23, 2022

Illustration by Abra Shirley We explore and celebrate different neighborhoods across the state When… Read More

‘Part of the Legacy that Shapes Who We are’

Mar 24, 2023

Photography by Carter Gaskins Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Willmott talks about his life in Kansas… Read More


Food & Drink

Wildcat Dining Star

Photography by David Mayes Kansas State University’s national reputation for tasty food in pleasant settings owes much to the work of…

History & Heritage

A Paper Moon Pilgrimage

Photography by Jessi Jacobs Celebrate 50 years of this classic Hollywood film by following the heroes’ route across Kansas or…

Food & Drink

The White Linen

Photography by Nick Krug Topeka restaurant owner brings fine-dining experience back to home state With a new locally inspired menu each…

Arts & Entertainment

Mid-Century Woodworking

Zack Schaffer exudes midwestern modesty. He ranches by day, running several hundred head of cattle, and refers to his furniture shop as a…

Food & Drink

Creating Legacy in Abilene

Photography by Jason Dailey Abilene’s new Legacy Kansas restaurant builds on century-old Kansas hospitality and ranching traditions…

Arts & Entertainment

Street Art on Parade

Several Kansas communities boast their own unique versions of cows on Parade, the public art exhibit featuring fiberglass sculptures of cows…

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