• El Dorado State Park Map

    618 NE Bluestem Rd. El Dorado, KS 67042

    • Cross Country Course
      • Length - 1 mile
      • Usage – Hiking
      • A meandering trail in the Flint Hills, used for cross country and walk/run competitions.
    • Tallgrass Prairie Trail
      • Length - .5 miles
      • Terrain - Paved
      • Difficulty level – Easy
      • Usage – Hiking
      • A scenic trail displaying the wildflowers of the Flint Hills.
    • Walnut Ridge Trail
      • Length - .57 miles
      • Terrain - Natural
      • Difficulty level – Easy
      • Usage – Hiking, Biking
      • A scenic trail accessed from the campground that follows the Walnut River
    • Teter Nature Trail
      • Length - .82 miles
      • Terrain - Natural
      • Difficulty level – Moderate
      • Usage – Hiking
      • A diverse nature trail winding through the Flint Hills down into a bottomland hardwood forest and a small stand of Paw Paw trees.
    • Walnut River Trail
      • Length - 2.5 miles
      • Terrain - Semi hardened
      • Difficulty level – Moderate
      • Usage – Hiking, Mountain Biking
    • Boulder Bluff Horse Trail
      • Length - 15.55 miles
      • Terrain - Natural
      • Difficulty level – Moderate
      • Attributes: Camping, Correls/Pens
      • Usage – Biking, Hiking, Horseback Riding
      • The trail is a scenic stroll through the Flint Hills along the shoreline of El Dorado Lake. An equestrian campground is available in Boulder Bluff Area 1.
    • Double Black Diamond Trail
      • Length - 2 miles
      • Terrain - Natural
      • Difficulty level – Difficult
      • Usage – Walking; Mountain Biking
      • A challenging bike trail through the timber of the Walnut River
    • 1001 Turkey Creek Dr
    • (620) 245-2565

    Nestled in the Turkey Creek housing subdivision, Tall Grass Park offers a neighborhood park featuring toddler-age playgrounds, a gazebo and a 1/10 mile walking track. Local families and their visitors benefit from the secure area surrounded by beautiful flowers and tall grasses.

  • Modern Cabins
    Primitive Cabins
    Primitive Campsites
    Electric and Water Hookups
    Full Hookups

    Exploring one of the 28 Kansas State Parks provides visitors an opportunity to see the natural beauty of this amazing state. The state parks system includes a rail trail, historic structures and events.

    • Pileated woodpeckers
    • Scissor-tailed flycatcher
    • Barred owls
    • White-tailed deer
    • Turkeys
    • Western kingbirds
    • Great-crested flycatchers
    • Quail
    • Crappie
    • Smallmouth bass
    • White bass
    • Wipers
    • Blue catfish
    • Channel catfish

    Anglers age 16 through 74, who have been bona fide residents of the state for 60 days immediately prior to buying a license, must have a resident license in possession while fishing in Kansas. All nonresidents 16 and older must have a valid nonresident license to fish in Kansas…

  • Trails

    • Tallgrass Prairie Trail
      • Length - .5 miles
      • Terrain - Paved
      • Difficulty level – Easy


    • ADA Archery Range
  • El Dorado Civic Center

    Houses a large open hall for weddings, dances, retreats or conventions. A kitchen is located off the main hall. There are also three smaller…

    Kansas Oil Museum

    The Flint Hills region is a fountain of energy flowing through the plants, animals and humans. Experience the ecological distinctiveness of…

    Coutts Museum of Art

    A fine art gallery with over 2,000 art objects by such artists as Renoir, Thomas Hart Benton and Frederic Remington. Beyond the classic…

    El Dorado Mural

    PIE Powell City Pride Project Fund completes the first mural. Partners In Education Foundation, Inc. (PIE) is proud to announce the…

    El Dorado Main Street

    The Historic District of El Dorado provides us with “A significant way of preserving our history as we move towards the future.” El Dorado…

    El Dorado Disc Golf Course

    18-hole amateur and championship level disc golf course. Offers activity and fun for the entire family and enthusiasts alike.

  • Photos

    Other State Parks

    Flint Hills Trail State Park

    It’s the kind of place where you can travel many miles in near silence as your hiking boots or bike tires move over a surface velvety…


    Far from any sizable cities, many might consider Webster State Park “in the middle of nowhere.” Those who know the park will…


    Perry State Park sits well within Kansas, but with long ridges of hickory and assorted oaks it wouldn’t look out of place in the…


    Kansas’ largest, Milford Reservoir has enough shoreline to reach from Kansas City to Salina. The waters within that 161 miles of land…


    Within Eisenhower State Park sits 1,000 acres of some of the last wild prairie in eastern Kansas. 


    Where the Ozarks spill into Kansas, in the Great Depression the government gave jobs to hundreds of destitute men with the Civilian…

    Mushroom Rock

    Just south of Salina stands one of Kansas' many natural wonders - Mushroom Rocks.

    Kaw River

    On the Kansas River kayaks and canoes often float in solitude as they pass towering cottonwoods, nesting bald eagles, kingfishers, otters…

    Prairie Spirit Trail

    A century ago Kansans took the train from town to town, watching the countryside lazily pass as they road the rails.

    Sand Hills

    Rather than water, it’s the work of the wind that draws people to Sand Hills State Park.

    Historic Lake Scott

    Just north of Scott City lays a stunning canyon nestled among the prairie and natural springs.


    Clinton State Park is a 1,400 acre island of unspoiled nature amid the suburban sprawl of northeast Kansas.


    Terms like “world-class” and “one of the nation’s best” are usually unwarranted. Both are accurate for Wilson…

    Elk City

    Elk City State Park sits in a gorgeous valley with natural greatness on both sides. 

    Little Jerusalem Badlands

    Welcome to the "Badlands of Kansas" - Little Jerusalem State Park in Western Kansas is truly a sight to see!

    Fall River

    Life’s easy at Fall River State Park, where crowds are few but recreational possibilities are many.

    Cross Timbers

    Southeast Kansas’ Cross Timbers region is a narrow, rugged, 50-mile finger of steeply timbered hillsides that rise to towering…

    Tuttle Creek

    Tuttle Creek State Park is a story of two special places. One sits where both land and lake are expansive, with a campground on classic…


    For decades visitors have come to Pomona State Park by automobile. Now, they’re also coming by horseback and bicycle.

    Cedar Bluff

    A few minutes south of the hustle and hassle of I-70 in western Kansas, life goes relaxingly slow at Cedar Bluff State Park. 


    It’s been called the “Serengeti of the Sky”, when hundreds of thousands of northward migrating snow geese arrive at…


    “Oasis” may be the best way to describe this 400-acre paradise shaded by tall cottonwoods, with an 80-acre lake of cool…


    Hillsdale State Park is only minutes away from the 2 million-plus people of the greater Kansas City area. It’s a place where…

    Glen Elder

    Long before civilization, native people came to be healed within the sacred waters of Waconda Springs. The springs are now deep within Glen…


    Carson and Custer once explored the jagged prairies in what’s now Kanopolis State Park on horseback.

    Prairie Dog

    On the high plains of northwest Kansas, Prairie Dog State Park is a rare and welcome place to play in the water and shade.


    The park’s 1,900 acres are laced with good trails and dotted with shaded cabins and campsites. In the reservoir you can sample some of…