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In the grassy prairies and broad expanses of the Great Plains, you'll find the heart and soul of America...

...where small town charm combines with big city sophistication; family ranches and bed & breakfasts combine with chic hotels; American history goes hand in hand with contemporary culture and entertainment ... and where you’ll find some of the friendliest, most welcoming folks anywhere. So, start planning your trip - simply click below on the sections that interest you.

Things to See in Kansas

Ranches & Trail Rides

Saddle up and experience the thrill of a cattle drive or join in the harvest at a working Kansas farm.

City Life & Culture

Kansas comes alive with the best in music, theatre, dance and entertainment hot spots.

Native American Culture

Kansas is home to four Indian reservations. Museums and exhibits help you to discover the history of native people in Kansas.

Fly Drive Holidays

Whatever your cup of tea – or cowboy coffee – you'll find a Yellow Brick Road Trip that's just right for you.

Route 66

Get your kicks while driving the original Kansas portion of Route 66, found in the Southeast corner of the state.

Highways & Historic Trails

Visit historic forts and trails in Kansas to experience the story of the nation's westward expansion and the growth of commerce.