River Trails in Kansas

Navigate the waters in Kansas while enjoying the serenity and challenge of a river trail. Our river trails are perfect for enjoying kayaking, hiking, and even camping! Take a look at our most sought after river trails below!

Kansas River Trail

Also known as the "Kaw," this river runs east-west from the Kansas City Metro Area to the west side of the state.

Arkansas River Trail

Pronounced "AR-KANSAS," this river runs through our biggest city, Wichita, along with the regions of South Central, Southwest, and some portions of Southeast Kansas. 

  • Before You Paddle

    Check the water levels and weather before you reach the water. Beginning paddlers should not be on the river when the water flow is above 5,000 cubic feet per second. The weather in Kansas can change quickly. Be aware of forecasts calling for high winds or storms. It is also a good idea to let a family member or friend know about your trip – where you plan to paddle and when you plan to return home.

  • What to Bring

    • personal flotation devices (PFDs), or life vests, are a must, and each paddler (and their pets) should have one
    • extra ropes or lines
    • bail bucket
    • whistle or air horn to signal distress (whistles should be attached to PFDs)
    • first aid kit
    • dry change of clothes in cooler weather
    • plenty of water and food
    • flashlight, lantern or other light if you’ll be out in low-light conditions
    • sun protection – hats, sunscreen, long sleeves and pants
    • map
    • cell phone in a waterproof bag (be aware that some areas along the river may not have cell signal coverage)
    • (optional) camera or binoculars (in waterproof bags), animal and plant identification guides
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    River Hazards

    River Hazards are dams, weirs and other potentially serious dangers for which paddlers must take special precautions.

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    Water Recreation Outfitters

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