Kansas has 300,000 acres of public lands and more than 1 million acres of private land seasonally open to hunters. Additionally, Kansas has approximately one-half million acres of Professionally Managed Hunting Facilities providing private fee-to-hunt access. 

You will find an abundance of hunting options in Kansas from September through May as well as some seasonal hunting throughout other months. The state is known as the land of the giants and is recognized as the Top 3 States for Pheasant & Quail. Hunt deer, upland game, waterfowl and more. Known for it's vast variety of hunting, expansive outdoors, and tons of public land, Kansas is not only a great place to hunt as a Kansan, but also a travel hunter destination hosting hunters from around the world. With numerous outfitters, reserves, and preserves, one can even learn to hunt once completing their hunter certification courses with guides who know the area well. Learn where to hunt in Kansas, how to get your hunting license, and when Kansas hunting seasons are open.

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Kansas Hunting Seasons

The good ol’ days are now for hunting in Kansas.

We have countless coveys of bobwhite quail that will convert a blur of a hard-charging pointing dog into a statue on a solid point. The Southern U.S. may have the longest traditions, but some seasons Kansas has the largest bobwhite harvest in the nation!

Our pheasant hunting is legendary and almost always some of the best in America. In some fields you may have a cluster-flush of a dozen roosters rising at once in a mass of colors and cackles. Our waterfowl hunting can be spectacular with flocks of mallards or geese numbering in the hundreds or thousands.

All of our bird seasons are long, and the limits high.

The sight of one of our world-class whitetails, with antler tines like a candelabra, have sent many veteran hunters into a serious case of buck fever.

And there’s never a shortage of places or ways to pursue any of the above. Our one-million-plus acre Walk-in Hunting Access Program, one of the best in the nation, leases private lands for hunters to enjoy for free. There are another 500,000 or so acres of public hunting scattered across the state. That includes much of Cheyenne Bottoms, America’s largest natural wetland, and parts of four national wildlife refuges. To up your odds, Kansas has some of the nation’s top outfitters, who hunt vast amounts of ultra-private lands.

Small game or big, on your own or guided, Kansas is the place to be and this season is the time to be there. Memories are just waiting to be made.

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