Things to Do Along US-183 in Kansas

US-183 Map & Road Trip Ideas

Highway 183 in Kansas runs from Phillipsburg in Northwest Kansas to Coldwater in Southwest Kansas. Scenic paths and outdoor adventures are found all along this stretch of road. You'll find must-see locations near Stockton and Phillipsburg, like Webster State Park and Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge. Further south along the highway, you'll explore the German Capital of Kansas, Hays, home to the Fort Hays State Historic Site and Sternberg Museums of Natural History

Made it to Coldwater? Don't hesitate; drive along the Gypsum Hill Scenic Byway, and you won't be disappointed! No matter where you choose to get out and stretch, be sure to take a moment to check out the local food, natural beauty, museums, and overnight lodging options on US-183 in Kansas.

Looking for US-183 road conditions in Kansas? Our friends at KanDrive can help. You’ll find information about weather, construction, and accidents on Highway 183 in Kansas.

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