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Q: Is Kansas flat? 

A: Short answer...NO! Long answer...no, and that is one of our oldest questions. We have Little Jerusalem, Monument Rocks, Castle Rock and Badlands, Flint Hills, Gypsum Hills, Arikaree Breaks, Wilson State Park, Kanopolis State Park, and so many more areas that shine for their non-flatness. We do love our flat prairies and ever-stretching farm land, but we are not flat as a pancake like many like to think. 

Q: Are there tornadoes in Kansas?

A: Yes, but have you never watched the news? There are tornadoes in many states and no, they don't happen every day. In all seriousness, tornadoes are dangerous just like any other natural disaster, but over the years we have prepared for their arrival when weather gets bad. 

Q: Is Kansas a fly-over-state? 

A: Technically every state is a fly-over state if you think about it...just sayin'! Although you can fly over Kansas in an aircraft, we prefer to call ourselves state known for its undeserving title of being a fly-over state. Okay that one needs a little work, but hey we are trying. If you consider Kansas as such, then you are just gonna miss out. Miss out on what you may ask? We don't know...just the best state ever! With the largest ball of twine, chalk rock formations that will blow your mind, a mountain in the middle of nowhere, the world's largest Czech Egg, home of state rivals KSU & KU, and so much more. 

Q: Is Kansas City in Kansas? 

A: Yes and no, sorry we are so complicated! Kansas City actually lies both in Kansas and in Missouri. We know that lines are not visible, but the line between Kansas City means that Sporting KC is in Kansas and the Royals are in Missouri. It also means that you can be on the Kansas River and technically be in between the two states for awhile.

Q: Is Kansas the Land of Oz at the end of the Yellow Brick Road?

A: I guess you could say that Kansas is the home of all things to do with Wizard of Oz. Ruby slippers, yellow brick roads, farms, and tornadoes; we even have some cities that pay homage to the story. Liberal, Wamego, are Sedan are just a few; they feature Dorothy's house, an Oz Museum, and even a Yellow Brick Road

A: Kansas is known as what state?

Q: Kansas is known as many things! The Wheat State and The Sunflower State are some of our nicknames. They come from our history and agriculture, which happen to be two important things that make Kansas great! 

A: Why is Kansas called the Sunflower State 

Q: This question can easily be answered with a Kansas drive in late summer into early fall. Fields of yellow decorate the state during the flower's blooming season. Sunflowers became apart of the state even before statehood. Early settlers learned how to burn the stalks for fuel and use the seeds as food for chickens. Their beauty and usefulness made it an easy decision to adapt the sunflower as our state flower.

A: Why was Kansas called Bleeding Kansas?

Q: The name, Bleeding Kansas derives from the history of our statehood. The long answer short is politics and guerilla warfare. During the years 1854 and 1861 there was major debate on the nation's expansion of slavery. How should Kansas enter the union? Free or slave state? This debate led to violence in Kansas and caused multiple deaths, which eventual led to the name Bleeding Kansas.

A: What is Kansas famous for?

Q: Kansas is famous for more than one thing, but it all depends on who you ask! One of our answers would have to be plains and prairies. The Flint Hills have the majority of the country's last remaining tallgrass prairie, and we are dedicated to protecting what is left at our national preserve. Also, Kansas is responsible for being the leader in wheat production, making us America's breadbasket!  You also may have heard of a little thing called the Wizard of Oz. No, we don't know Dorothy and chances are the Kansans that you meet won't have a little dog named Toto, but we were proud to have Dorothy come from our Land of Ahhhs. 

A: What is Kansas the top producer of?

Q: Kansas is the leader in many agriculture productions. With our leading productions of wheat, grain sorghum and beef we keep the country fed. Agriculture is fundamental to our past and continues to be into our future.   

Q: What region is Kansas in?

A: Kansas is a part of the Midwest! Our state makes up of the southwestern corner of the Midwest. So, you can expect a few opes, mams, and always great hospitality!

Q: What time zone is Kansas in?

A: One time zone was not enough for Kansas, so we observe two. Central Daylight and Mountain Daylight are the time zones we use. The majority of the state uses Central time, except a few counties on the western border, which use Mountain time.

Q: What is there to see and do in Kansas?

A: Perfect question! Explore our site, check out the road trips, visit our Instagram Page, order a FREE Travel Guide, hit up our social media pages, read our blog, or give us a call. We have landscapes so diverse you will ask yourself, "This is Kansas?!" Yes, yes it is! 

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