Post Rock

Scenic Byway

Over the Smoky Hills of weathered bedrock, the Post Rock Scenic Byway winds through 18 miles of fields, pastures, and prairie. The landscape's unique beauty and challenges required pioneers to earn their space here, and the legacy of their creativity and resourcefulness lives on. Just look at the stone fence posts for which this route was named - as functional as the day they were erected. Pioneers solved their fencing problems on the largely treeless plains by quarrying and shaping limestone slabs. Today, that same innovative spirit has given rise to many independently-minded artists, farmers, and ranchers in the region.

The area's many hills, creeks, and valleys create a habitat attractive to a range of wildlife. Here, hardy wildflowers flourish, along with countless acres of rich grazing land carpeted with native grasses. At Wilson State Park and Wildlife Area alone, more than 225 species of birds are known to visit in a year's time. The lake is also one of the state's premier spots for fishing, hiking, water skiing or relaxing. In addition, the area maintains one of the best mountain bike trails in Kansas. And don't forget to look up. The boundless sky in Post Rock country is a favorite of photographers, especially at sunrise and sunset.

  • Driving Directions

    Distance: 18 miles

    Lucas to Wilson: Wilson: Begin at the intersection of K-18 and K-232 in Lucas, KS. Travel south on K-232 for 18 miles towards Wilson, KS, to check out the World’s Largest Czech Egg. Along the way, be sure to stop by Wilson State Park.

    Wilson to Lucas: Access the byway from I-70, exit 206, and take K-232 south 2 miles to Wilson, KS, to check out the World’s Largest Czech Egg. Retrace the route back to I-70 and continue north on K-232 for 16 miles to Lucas, KS. Along the way, be sure to stop by Wilson State Park.

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    For more information about the Post Rock Scenic Byway, contact:

    Lucas Area Chamber of Commerce