Mushroom Rock State Park

Mushroom Rock State Park

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Mushroom Rock

State Park & Reservoir

Just south of Salina stands one of Kansas' many natural wonders - Mushroom Rocks. These unique, mushroom-shaped rocks date back to the Crustaceous Period and are the remains of beach sand and sediment rock that were naturally cemented by calcium carbonate. As a bonus, the rock is located on Prairie Trail Scenic Byway.

For centuries, passers-by felt compelled to stop for a few minutes at these striking rock formations that abruptly rise from the Kansas prairie. Now, it is your turn.

Once a great ocean, hundreds of millions years ago, erosion through the eons has shaped the “mushrooms,” some of which are nearly 30 feet around.

The five acres of the park are level, well-maintained, making these natural wonders accessible to all.

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