Frontier Military Historic Byway

History & Heritage

The Frontier Military Historic Byway is filled with incredible history. The 168-mile byway is found along old military supply routes, which highlights the interesting military impacts that are still felt today. Visitors can experience both active and retired military forts, learn more about the Santa Fe Trail, immerse themselves in unique Civil War history (from the legendary John Brown and the nation's first Black regiment to the state's only Civil War battle site), study notable Black photographer and Civil Rights activist Gordon Parks, find out more about the impact of Kansas' mining industry on national labor rights, and so much more. The historical significance of this byway lives up to its name, so bring your notebook and pencil... You're going to want to remember it all!

Kansas Byways

Gypsum Hills

Ancient floodplains, buttes, canyons, mesas and sinkholes are rare on the Great Plains. Yet, nestled in the Kansas grasslands is the Gypsum…

Western Vistas

Visit a rugged landscape on the culturally and visually fascinating route known as the Western Vistas Historic Byway. 

Prairie Trail

When you travel the Prairie Trail Scenic Byway, you follow in the steps of Native Americans, explorers and pioneers as they sought food…

Post Rock

Over the Smoky Hills of weathered bedrock, the Post Rock Scenic Byway winds through fields, pastures and prairie.

Glacial Hills

The Glacial Hills Scenic Byway gets its name from the rolling hills and rock-strewn valleys carved by ancient glaciers. 

Route 66

Kansas' Historic Route 66 Byway offers opportunities for visitors to enjoy a variety of experiences to "get their own kicks…

Flint Hills

The Flint Hills National Scenic Byway offers incredible views of the native grasses and flowers of the tallgrass prairie - one of the last…

Frontier Military

Travel through time, visiting multiple forts along the Frontier Military Historic Byway.  Originally built to move soldiers and…

Smoky Valley

Named for their hazy, blue appearance at sunrise and sunset, the Smoky Hills divide the more easterly mixed-grass prairie from the…

Native Stone

Discover the natural beauty of the panoramic Native Stone Scenic Byway.

Wetlands & Wildlife

Along the byway, you'll encounter landscapes and communities shaped by the powerful forces of motion and change. You're entering a…