Us Highway 36 in Kansas


Spanning the northernmost counties in Northwest, North Central, and Northeast Kansas, Highway 36 is one of the best drives for enjoying small-town Kansas.

The cities located near the far northwest and northeast edge of the route offer access to scenic byways. On the extreme west end of the highway, you can take a detour from St. Francis onto the Land & Sky Scenic Byway, while on the extreme east end, you can change course onto the Glacial Hills Scenic Byway near the community of Troy. If you find yourself in one of the communities in North Central Kansas, then be sure to head over to the Home on the Range Cabin in Athol.

  • Northeast


    Visit the mighty city of Troy in the very northeast corner of Kansas - ya know, where the little scriggly part is!


    Explore the city of Highland in northeast Kansas.


    Whether you are planning your next business trip, visiting family or just passing through make Seneca a stop on your next trip. With…

  • North Central


    Experience the atmosphere of a small vibrant town located in northeast Marshall County. With a population of about 445, the economy is…


    Home (also called Home City), is an unincorporated community in Marshall County with a population of approximately 150.


    Marysville, the county seat of Marshall County, is a beautiful and prosperous town located near the Big Blue River in northern Kansas.


    Bremen is an unincorporated community in northwest Marshall County. It was laid out in 1886 by Henry Brenneke, a native of Bremen…


    Hanover is home to the Hollenberg Pony Express Station, a state historical site located on Hwy 220, 5 miles north of US Hwy 36, in…


    Washington, the county seat, is located on US Hwy 36. The Courthouse features an art deco interior and is open for visitors. The population…


    Haddam is home to Kansas’ largest honey producer, Brown Honey Farms, and Rev Honey flavored beverages.

    Smith Center

    Smith Center, county seat of Smith County has many attractions. Wagner park and the Old Dutch Mill, The Smith Co. Courthouse, In front of…


    Located on Highway 36 located 10 miles east of the Smith County line, it would make a good stop for a tank of gas or auto repair if…

  • Northwest


    We would like to welcome you to Phillipsburg, a place many have called home for generations! We find that people like Phillipsburg for many…


    Located on U.S Hwy 36, Norton has become known for its amazing hunting, fishing, beautiful sunsets and warm-hearted people. With first rate…


    This town of only about 1,700 will surprise you with it’s fun boutiques, nice restaurants and a mercantile refurbished to replicate…

    Bird City

    Love the small-town charm of northwest Kansas? Then Bird City is just the place for you!

    St. Francis

    Explore the beautiful parks and surrounding landscapeof St. Francis - the hometown of Apollo 17 astronaut Ronald Evans.

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