In the heart of Winfield, a small but vibrant craft brewery is making a big impact on the local beer scene. Ladybird Brewing, with its airy charm and commitment to quality, has quickly become a beloved gem for both residents and visitors. Let's take a closer look at what makes this brewery so special.

A Passion for Craft

Ladybird Brewing was born out of a deep love for craft beer. Founded by Kaydee and Laura Riggs-Johnson, this female-owned microbrewery is the embodiment of passion and dedication. Their mission is simple: to brew exceptional, small-batch beers that reflect the flavors and personality of Winfield.

Colby and employees at Ladybird Brewing

Unique Brews

Ladybird Brewing is known for its innovative approach to brewing. The brewery offers a rotating selection of beers that cater to a wide range of tastes. Whether you're a hophead craving an IPA bursting with citrus notes or a fan of rich stouts and porters, Ladybird has something for you. They also often experiment with limited edition and seasonal brews, so every visit holds the promise of a new and exciting experience.

Ladybird Brewing Winfield

Community Hub

 Ladybird Brewing isn't just a place to grab a cold beer; it's a community hub. The brewery is designed to foster connections and offer a welcoming atmosphere. From the moment you step through the doors, you're greeted with the inviting aroma of malted barley and the warm smiles of the staff. It's a place where neighbors become friends and where newcomers are always welcomed with open arms.

Front Mural of Ladybird Brewing

Events and Gatherings

Ladybird Brewing frequently hosts events and gatherings that draw locals and tourists alike. Live music, trivia nights, and food truck rallies are just a few examples of the activities that make this brewery a lively spot. These events not only celebrate the local culture but also showcase their commitment to making Ladybird Brewing a place where the community can come together.

If you're ever in Winfield, make sure to stop by Ladybird Brewing and raise a glass to the art of craft beer and community spirit.

Pictures at Ladybird Brewing Winfield

Looking for a place to stay?

Barns at Timber Creek just outside of town is a charming bed and breakfast with the right amount of rustic vibes. I stayed in their treehouse suite and enjoyed a night in with takeout food from local favorite, El Maguey Mexican Restaurant.

Make a weekend out of it and explore Winfield! You can find attractions, trails, and foodie delights, here.

Barns at Timber Creek

Barns at Timber Creek just outside of town is a charming bed and breakfast with the right amount of rustic vibes.

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