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Colby Sharples-Terry
Colby Sharples-Terry

Colby is a mother to 3 children, boys McCoy (4), Shiloh (3) and 1 daughter, Georgia Grace (11 months). She enjoys gardening, outdoor activities and a good ole Kansas cheeseburger joint. Raised in Northeast Kansas, Colby loves the rural & urban experiences Kansas has to offer.  Before joining the state Tourism Division 4 years ago, Colby was a regional manager in the beauty industry where her love to travel across Kansas began.

Good Day Kansas Explores: Salina's Sculpture Tour

Downtown Sculpture Tour Downtown Salina is home to 22 new sculptures, that is until next year rolls around. Each May, Sculpture Tour Salina unveils the new art instillments for the self-guided walking tour encouraging their community and visitors to explore downtown and appreciate public arts. From…

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