If you’re looking for spooky travel adventures, this list of 13 of the most haunted places to visit in Kansas is for you! Focusing on unique experiences and haunted hotels in Kansas, we know you will find spooktacular adventures you will never forget!

Sunflower Coal Mural by Michelle Marine

Wilson, Kansas railroad tracks

Haunted Kansas

Kansas, known for its flat plains and friendly hospitality, has a hidden side that beckons the brave and the curious. Beneath the vast farm fields and charming small towns lie tales of restless spirits and spine-chilling encounters.

If you’re curious about haunted locations in Kansas or just looking for a unique travel adventure, head to a few of these locations or book a stay at one of the most haunted hotels. Kansas seems to have more than its share of haunted places! 

Kansas may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of good ghost stories, but the Sunflower State has a large share of haunted history waiting to be discovered. From historic hotels to haunted homes and abandoned tunnels, each location has its own thrilling story to tell.

In this journey through the supernatural, we will embark on a tour of some of the most haunted places in Kansas you can visit. We’ve even included haunted homes and haunted hotels in Kansas where you can spend a night if you dare!

But here’s the twist – we’re not just here for ghostly encounters; we’re here to support local businesses that are keeping these haunted legends alive. They need your support, so make sure to head to at least one of these places for a haunting good time so you can take an active role in helping to keep history alive!

Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast, a history buff, or just looking for a unique travel experience, join us as we delve into Kansas’ ghostly past while supporting the local businesses that keep these eerie legends alive. Get ready to embrace the supernatural, one local haunt at a time!

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

For the record, I do believe in ghosts. We even have a (mostly) friendly ghost who lives in our barn. But I wasn’t overly excited to try to find ghosts on this trip. And I have to admit that I was glad that we didn’t have any super scary or spooky encounters for me to report. But there were some uncomfortable feelings for sure!

With that disclaimer, I think you need to be receptive to ghosts if you want to find them at the locations listed here. While I’m glad we didn’t find spooky ghosts, if YOU want to experience paranormal encounters, keep reading for the most haunted places in Kansas that you can visit!

Atchison – Supposedly THE Most Haunted Town in Kansas

The city of Atchison, located in northeastern Kansas about 60 miles northwest of Kansas City is a cute river town along the Missouri River.

Atchison is well known for several reasons including its historical charm and well-preserved 19th-century architecture. The city boasts a wealth of beautifully restored Victorian-era homes and buildings, making it a popular destination for history enthusiasts and architecture buffs.

Atchison is also famous for its connection to the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart who was born in Atchison in 1897. The city celebrates her legacy with the Amelia Earhart Festival, Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum, Amelia Earhart Airport, and more.

Additionally, Atchison is also quite famous for its haunted history. It’s billed as one of the most haunted towns in Kansas and the town really plays up that reputation, drawing visits from well-known paranormal enthusiasts from across the country.

When we arrived in Atchison I immediately noted the smell, which some people liken to baking bread. Home to a grain processing corporation, MGP, Atchison smells a lot of my nearby town Muscatine, Iowa which is also home to a grain processing corporation called GPC.

MGP is famous for turning corn into an award-winning portfolio of beverage alcohol for distilled spirits. Smells play a factor in my mood. I guess that’s why I mention it. LOL

1. Sallie House

But if haunts are what you want, get to the Sallie House. Infamous for its ghostly presence and is said to be one of the most haunted houses in the United States, the Sallie House is top of the list for haunted Atchison.

Front image of Sallie House

Sallie House Atchison, KS

It’s said to be haunted by many ghosts, but the most infamous is a little girl named Sallie. Sallie passed away tragically on an operating table in the home after a botched operation by a local doctor to fix her burst appendix.

For a $20 fee, you can reserve a time to explore the Sallie House on your own, which we did during our visit to Atchison. You can also spend the night in the Sallie House if you dare – but you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bags. I’d also recommend bringing an air mattress.

Many visitors report strange occurrences at the Sallie House such as moving objects, mysterious footsteps, ghost sightings of three ghosts – Sallie the young girl, an old woman who fell to her death on the basement stairs, and perhaps a teenage boy with the mind of an 8-year-old.

Some people claim they receive mysterious scratches on their body when they visit. And other people claim they were able to speak to dead relatives. You can read about experiences visitors have had there in a notebook left on the kitchen table. We didn’t experience anything too out of the ordinary when we visited.

But I can tell you that I felt very weird and wanted to leave. The house is decorated in the 1980s style – shag carpet, musty smell and all. Upstairs is a kid’s bedroom with creepy toys. It just gives off a very unpleasant vibe.

The basement is where the really scary things supposedly happen, but we didn’t venture there. To visit the basement, you have to go down with a tour guide. I wouldn’t have gone down even if we had been with a guide. I just didn’t like this house.

Reserve your spot to visit the Sallie House.

2. 1889 McInteer Villa

The 1889 McInteer Villa, also in Atchison, is another one of the most haunted homes in Kansas. Known for its elegant architecture and its share of supernatural happenings, this beautiful home is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

Front image of McInteer Villa

1889 McInteer Villa Atchison, KS

Legend has it that the former owner, Nellie McInteer, died in the house and that her ghost still lingers here. Guests have experienced cold spots, flickering lights, and the unexplained feeling of being watched. 

The 1889 McInteer Villa is open to ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, or curious people who just want to see if they can hear the strange noises or see the strange lights. Many overnight guests report witnessing spirits and weirdness when they brave a stay at the McInteer Villa.

There are four floors to explore, and if you’re brave enough, you can stay overnight in the house. It costs $400 per night for up to ten people to spend the night at McInteer Villa. You have to bring your own bedding. While you can sleep ON the beds, you may not sleep IN them.

Reserve your spot to visit the 1889 McInteer Villa here.

3. The Sante Fe Depot

Home to the Atchison Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Center and the Historical Society Museum this building is a great first stop when you get into town. You can talk to town representatives, make reservations to see the Sallie House and get insider information about the city.

It’s also home to the Whiskey Depot where you can try local whiskey flights, wines, and signature cocktails.

4. Evah C Cray Historical Home

Supposedly built on the city’s first cemetery, the Cray Home is another famous haunted house in Atchison. It’s open for guided public tours and is really neat to walk through.

Evah C Cray Historical Home

Evah C Cray Historical Home Atchison, Kansas

5. Waggener Home or “Gargoyle House”

This is a private residence around the corner from the Cray home and sadly it’s not open to the public. However, it is a must-see stunning brick home with amazing balconies and gargoyles on the roof.

Waggener Home Gargoyle House front steps

Waggener Home or Gargoyle House Atchison, Kansas

The house was featured in a Travel Channel segment on Haunted Atchison and an owner is said to have fallen to his death when he tried to remove the gargoyles from the roof.

6. Molly’s Hollow at Jackson Park

Molly’s Hollow is an area at Jackson Park, supposedly the most haunted park in Atchison. The urban legend is that a young woman named Molly was found hanging dead from a tree. She was either lynched or hung herself. No one knows what really happened. But, if you can find Molly’s Hollow after dark, you might be able to hear her scream.

7. Haunted Trolley Tours

There are so many more haunted places in Atchison than the few I mentioned. To learn more, buy a ticket for a Haunted Trolley Tour. Happening only during September and October leading up to Halloween, these one-hour narrated rides take place on the Atchison Trolley.

Join in so you can see the haunted sites and hear about the mysteries and chilling stories of Atchison. The tours cost $10 per person. Buy your ticket from Visit Atchison.

The Haunted Town of Leavenworth

Another town on the list of most haunted places in Kansas is Leavenworth. Also located in the Northeastern part of Kansas along the banks of the Missouri River, Leavenworth is 25 miles northwest of Kansas City, making it part of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Explore Leavenworth Mural

Explore Leavenworth Mural

This historic river town might be most famous as the home of Fort Leavenworth, one of the oldest active military installations west of the Mississippi River. It’s also billed as one of the most haunted military forts by the Travel Channel.

8. The Leavenworth Local Hotel

If you’re looking for haunted hotels, Kansas delivers. The first haunted hotel we stayed at during our Kansas Road trip was the The Leavenworth Local.

Formerly the Catholic Immaculata High School built in 1923, the Leavenworth Local Hotel is now a beautiful boutique hotel with a rich history and a haunting past. While we didn’t experience any haunting when we stayed here, hotel staff members told us about some of their experiences seeing a little girl ghost and also the spirit of a former nun.

Not only are the rooms unique and beautiful, but the Leavenworth Local also has a pickleball court, a gymnasium, and a cute little breakfast/bar area. The rooms were clean, very dark at night, and the bedding was completely luxurious. I’d definitely stay here again, ghosts or not.

Book your stay at the Leavenworth Local Hotel.

Haunted Leavenworth Hotel

Leavenworth, Kansas haunted hotel Leavenworth local

9. Fort Leavenworth

Visiting Fort Leavenworth is a great experience for visitors interested in the supernatural and military history and culture too. There are many reports of haunted historic buildings, ghostly encounters and unexplained phenomena from military personnel and residents of Fort Leavenworth.

Haunted places at Fort Leavenworth include the Rookery (the oldest home in the state of Kansas), the Old Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks Cemetery, and more.

The Frontier Army Museum offers a Haunted Fort Leavenworth Tour in October. This walking tour lasts two hours and is for appropriate for ages 10 and up. Tickets cost $25 per person. You can buy tickets at the Frontier Army Museum website.

Other must-see spots at Fort Leavenworth include:

The Frontier Army Museum

The Frontier Army Museum houses an extensive collection of military artifacts, uniforms, weapons, and also tells the history of the U.S. Army and its important role in westward expansion.

The Buffalo Soldiers Monument

This monument is an important reminder of their resilience and the broader struggle African Americans have had for civil rights and equality and describes the often forgotten role that African-American soldiers had in the westward expansion of the United States.

Please note: Fort Leavenworth is an operational military base. That means you’ll have to go through security and get a visitor’s pass to enter. You can pre-register for a visitor’s pass here.

Fort Leavenworth Cemetery

Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery

Is Wilson, Kansas Also Haunted?

Wilson is situated in the heart of Kansas, approximately 140 miles northwest of Wichita and 220 miles west of Kansas City. It is part of Ellsworth County and is often referred to as the “Czech Capital of Kansas” due to its strong Czech heritage.

Wilson Railroad Tracks

Wilson, Kansas railroad tracks

With a population of only 859 people, there are a surprising number of interesting things to do in Wilson including:

I’d like to go back in a few years and see if progress has been made on the Wilson Czech Opera House. Sadly, this historic building burned down in 2009, but plans are in the works to turn it into an open-air theater. I hope they come to fruition!

Welcome to Wilson Mural

Welcome to Wilson Mural

10. Midland Railroad Hotel

The Midland Railroad Hotel is a charming historic hotel in Wilson that takes you back to the golden era of rail travel. Originally built in 1899, it reminds me of the Historic Park Inn in Mason City, Iowa. It features 28 guest rooms on three levels, all comfortably renovated during a six-year, $3.2 million renovation project.

We stayed on the third floor and the rooms were small yet comfortable. This historic hotel also has a ghostly reputation. The apparition of a little girl is often spotted in the hotel’s hallways or jumping on beds. According to an article in Main Street Kansas, there’s not a single hotel employee who hasn’t seen or felt something at this hotel. Yet again, we were on the third floor, supposedly the most haunted, and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Book your stay at the Midland Railroad Hotel.

Midland Railroad Hotel in Wilson

Midland Railroad Hotel Wilson, Kansas

The Town of Ellinwood

Another of the most haunted places in Kansas is the town of Ellinwood. Located in central Kansas approximately 10 miles southeast of Great Bend, Ellinwood was founded in the late 1800s by German immigrants.

Eillinwood has the most interesting underground tunnels and another one of my favorite haunted hotels. Kansas towns apparently used to have networks of tunnels under their main streets for transportation, storage, as a way to hide unsavory places like brothels and saloons.

These tunnels used to be found across Kansas; sadly, almost all of the old tunnel networks have been filled in and destroyed over the years. The tunnels in Ellinwood are the only ones left and I highly recommend taking the Underground Tunnel Tour. It’s very interesting and so worth it!

Ellinwood Mural

Ellinwood Mural

11. The Historic Wolf Hotel

If you want another chance to stay at a Haunted Hotel, The Historic Wolf Hotel in Ellinwood has been a hub for paranormal activity. Built in 1894, the Wolf Hotel was a high-end hotel with 30 rooms, full of salesmen and guests traveling by railraod on the Sante Fe Trail.

Today, the hotel is run like an Airbnb. Guests have acess to living areas and kitchens. I slept in a suite with a round bed complete with velvet head board. We didn’t encounter any ghosts during our stay (seems to be the them of our trip), but we did read about other people’s ghostly encounters in guest books.

We also learned about a ghost named Bernard Millit who died in the Sunflower Dining Room in 1927. The hotel offers themed ghost tours for those seeking a spooky experience.

Book your stay at the Historic Wolf Hotel.

Historic Wolf Hotel Front Sign

Historic Wolf Hotel Ellinwood, Kansas

In addition to the Hotel Wolf, you can also participate in the Scandal At the Bank of Ellinwood Escape Room, once-a-month Sunday luncheons, and head to the secret speakeasy called The Underground. It’s located in the underground tunnels and is open on the weekends.

Underground Historic Wolf Hotel

The Underground Bar at Historic Wolf Hotel


12. Haunted Underground Tunnel Tours

The Underground Tunnel Tours in Ellinwood offer a captivating blend of history, architecture, and a touch of the paranormal! If you’re curious to see this hidden world beneath the streets, the tours are unique and memorable.

You’ll journey back in time to learn a bit about the purpose and construction of the tunnels and see historic artifacts as you walk beneath the town’s historic downtown. It was so interesting to hear the stories of the area and to learn what life was like in the late 1800s.

Definitely add the Underground Tunnel Tour to your travel bucket list!

Underground Tunnels Ellinwood

Haunted Underground Tunnels Ellinwood, Kansas


13. Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview Wichita

I’m sure there are a lot more haunted places to visit in Wichita, but I wanted to share one more of the haunted hotels we stayed at in Kansas, Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview Wichita.

This Wichita hotel is steeped in history and ghostly legends. Guests have reported various supernatural occurrences, from objects moving on their own to unexplained whispers in the night. It’s believed that the spirits of past guests still linger within its walls. The only weird things that happened to me at this historic hotel was I had trouble with the elevator. I blame it on user error – but I don’t think I did anything wrong! However, if you want a real taste for historic and potentially haunted hotels in Kansas, add this one to your list!

Book a reservation at the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview Wichita.

Drury Plaza Hotel

Drury Plaza Hotel in Wichita, Photo by Kansas Tourism

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