Spooky season is upon us! Whether you are just looking for thrills and chills for the next few weeks or you're interested in exploring the unknown all year long, Kansas has some haunting places waiting just for you.

Haunted Atchison

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You can't talk about spooky places in Kansas without mentioning Atchison! Commonly heralded as the most haunted city in Kansas, Atchison celebrates it's haunting history. You'll definitely want to grab a ticket for the spooktacular Haunted Trolley tour. And don't forget a visit to the infamous Sallie House, a common staple of ghost hunting tv shows, and the 1889 McInteer Villa.

Sallie House

Atchison’s most famous haunted house, the Sallie House, is visited by hundreds each year. The house is currently not occupied, and available…

Atchison Trolley

The best way to see Atchison and learn about its rich history is aboard the trolley, which provides hour-long narrated tours during summer…

The Haunted 1889 McInteer Villa

The McInteer Villa is one of Atchison’s most unique residences. Built in 1889-1890 for John McInteer, a pioneer businessman of Atchison, KS…

Hotel Josephine

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Buckle up for a ghost hunt to remember! The Hotel Josephine prides itself on being the self-proclaimed 'most haunted hotel in Kansas', and they welcome those who want to experience these hauntings for themselves. We recommend staying in The Buffalo Room, reportedly the most actively haunted room in the hotel.

Hotel Josephine

Hotel Josephine was built by A. D. Walker in 1889 in Holton, Kansas. The Hotel was named after Walker's daughter, Josephine. She was born…

Midland Railroad Hotel

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Tales of an orphaned girl haunting the Midland Railroad Hotel in Wilson run rampant... Just like the little footsteps you may hear running down the halls. The Midland is full of the comforts of modern life, and it seems like some remnants of the past may like it so much they'll never check out. Even if you aren't interested in the hauntings at the Midland, you'll find frequent events happening that will make your experience memorable (from a Boo Fun in the Barn for Halloween to a viewing party for the season 4 premiere of Yellowstone.)

Midland Railroad Hotel

Midland Railroad Hotel is a perfect stop over on your next business or leisure trip. The Midland is a historic hotel established in 1899. Guest…

Fort Hays State

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Historic military forts are also hotspots for alleged hauntings, but one of the most famous hauntings at Fort Hays is known as the 'Blue Light Lady'. This woman was known in life as Elizabeth Polly, a woman who worked tirelessly to comfort the ill and dying on the fort during a cholera epidemic. When she needed a moment for herself, her favorite pastime was to take a stroll on nearby Sentinel Hill. When she eventually contracted the disease her dying wish was to be buried on the hill, and the soldiers did their best to grant her wish by burying her with a full military funeral at the base of the hill (the hill was composed of rock which made her request impossible at the time.)

It is said that the locals were able to move her body to the summit of the hill in the 1960s. People report seeing Elizabeth in a blue dress and white bonnet wandering Sentinel Hill and emitting a bright, blue light. Some say that they have even seen her solemn march radiating across the walkways of the fort, itself. 

Fort Hays State Historic Site

Established in 1867 to protect the construction workers who were building the Union Pacific Railroad. The original blockhouse, guardhouse, and…

Historic Wolf Hotel

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Some say that the Historic Wolf Hotel is haunted by three spirits. One is a practical joker who may just leave an item for you to find under your pillow at night. Another can be found haunting the dining room where he ended his life in. And another is said to be a frightening presence in the underground tunnels. That's right... We said underground tunnels! The Ellinwood Underground offers tours of the tunnels that run under the town, complete with underground storefronts and a prohibition-era bar. You'll need to make reservations to explore the tunnels, but we promise that the planning is worth it!

The Historic Wolf Hotel

Come stay with us! We have rooms to suit every taste and budget. From our Suite with all the amenities of home to Grandma's room with a shared…

Ellinwood Tunnels

Ellinwood was originally home to up to 11 saloons. Visitors are welcome to stop by our Underground Saloon and get a complete tour of the 1894…

Cherryvale Museum

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While we haven't heard of any hauntings at the Cherryvale Museum, their collection does house an object that will make your blood run cold. The Bender Family, more infamously known as the Bloody Benders, were a family of serial killers who lived in Labette County. While much is still debated about the real familial relationship between the Benders (some say the younger two were siblings, some say they were married) the family was estimated to have murdered at least a dozen travelers before their crime spree was discovered.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the fate of the Benders with some saying they were lynched, while others say they got off scot-free. While the Bender homestead is long gone and the property remains in private hands, The Cherryvale Museum houses artifacts from the Bender cabin

Cherryvale Museum

1870's history comes alive as you walk through the Bender house replica and view the artifacts. Learn how the discover of the Kansas Gas Belt…

Eldridge Hotel

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We know we know... There seems to be a recurring theme in the locations of these hauntings! But doesn't it make sense that the buildings that temporarily house thousands of souls during their time might just have a few that linger on...? It's said that the spirit of Col. Eldridge still wanders the halls of his namesake hotel. Experiences at the Eldridge Hotel include shaking luggage, mysterious footsteps, and a water bottle cracking open in the middle of the night. You can find a video highlighting the mysterious haunting here. If you're brave enough to meet Col. Eldridge, be sure to request room 506, his personal favorite haunt.

Eldridge Hotel

The historic Eldridge Hotel is located in the heart of Downtown Lawrence. The Eldridge is the only Lawrence business still occupying the same…

Santa Fe Depot & Harvey House

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The railroad business boomed in Kansas during the late 1800s, and grandiose depots were constructed all along the plains. The Santa Fe Depot and Harvey House in Dodge City is one of the most iconic buildings in town. The Depot is currently home to both the Depot Theater Company and the Dodge City Convention and Visitor's Bureau, but it also may be home to travelers who never left town... According to staff, there have been numerous accounts of paranormal activity.

Eternal residents include a grumpy spirit in the basement affectionately called 'Walter', a young girl named 'Beth' who frequents the third-floor staircase, an entity in the bathroom referred to as 'Moaning Myrtle' and two young boys named 'Henry' and 'Wyatt'. There are quite a few alleged entities who might just be your welcoming committee to the Sante Fe Depot and Harvey House. 

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