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Visit Wichita to experience the Wicked Brew Tour

Sip your way through Kansas’ largest city this summer One of Wichita’s popular summertime traditions – the Wicked Brew Tour – is back! The tasty fun kicked off in Kansas’ largest city on Friday, May 31. What is the Wicked Brew Tour, you ask? It’s a self-guided tour that takes you to a variety of…

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Discover the Heart of Bustling Wichita

Kansas’ largest city refers to itself as the Heart of the Country and, precise map coordinates aside, local love swells just about everywhere you look. Named after a Native American tribe, Wichita honors its roots at Keeper of the Plains, a 44-foot-tall steel sculpture by Blackbear Bosin. At this…

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Your Guide to Attending a Wichita Wind Surge Game

America’s favorite pastime is alive and well in Kansas’ largest city, Wichita. If you’re planning on going to an upcoming Wichita Wind Surge game at Riverfront Stadium and looking for things to do, places to eat and nearby hotels, you’ll find plenty of choices! We’ve put together a list of suggested…

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Spend Spring Break in Wichita - Kansas’ largest city

Spring break in Wichita, the Heart of the Country, is fun for all ages. As Kansas’ largest city, Wichita is packed with 50-plus museums and attractions, perfect for families of young children and those with teens. Unwind in Wichita with tons of family-friendly things to do – whether you want to…

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Craft Beer Odyssey of South Central, Kansas

Hey, fellow enthusiasts of the finer things in life! If there's one thing Kansans know how to do right, it's brewing a damn good beer. Now, picture this: a sun-kissed afternoon, golden wheat fields swaying in the breeze, and the delightful aroma of craft beer wafting through the air. That's right…

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How to Honor Black History Month in Wichita, Kansas

February is Black History Month, and there are numerous ways to recognize the month throughout Kansas and in the state’s largest city, Wichita. The African American experience in Wichita, the Heart of the Country, is rich and worth exploring. People in the Heart of the Country are nice and…

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Seek Out Your Next Vacation in South Central Kansas

Are you seeking your next big vacation? Look no further, because South Central Kansas has all the attractions and amenities that you'll need for an epic getaway. This region of Kansas is home to the largest city, Wichita, along with beautiful landscapes that range from the Flint Hills to the Gypsum…

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Kansas Winter Roadtrip Ideas

The itch to travel doesn’t hibernate. Cooler weather keeps us indoors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get out and explore during the cooler seasons. Take advantage of the sunny days and hit the Kansas roads with your friends and family. Your soul will thank you for it. Here are over 50 places to…

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