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Live Free and Visit Southeast Kansas

Southeast Kansas is a place for the free-flowing and easy-going. This is where adventure takes you across wooded hills with beautiful hiking and biking trails. The region's many lakes also allow for fantastic water recreation and fishing. Whether you slip through the very edge of the state by Route…

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Seek Out Your Next Vacation in South Central Kansas

Are you seeking your next big vacation? Look no further, because South Central Kansas has all the attractions and amenities that you'll need for an epic getaway. This region of Kansas is home to the largest city, Wichita, along with beautiful landscapes that range from the Flint Hills to the Gypsum…

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Lift Your Spirits When Visiting Northeast Kansas

Northeast Kansas is loaded up with some of the most iconic attractions in the State. This is where visitors can explore the urban sprawl of the Kansas City Metro, historical landmarks in Lawrence and Topeka, and explore Atchison - the hometown of infamous aviator, Amelia Earhart! Whether you're here…

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Take an Adventure into Northwest Kansas

We know Kansas is a big place, so we’ve broken it down into 6 easy-to-explore regions. From the landscape to the history and everything in-between, each region provides you with a unique experience just waiting to be explored. We’ve provided you with a few ideas to get you started on your Northwest…

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Make a Vacation Statement in Southwest Kansas

The Southwest region of Kansas beckons travelers with a blend of scenic beauty, history, and warm hospitality. Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of natural wonders, delve into the welcoming communities celebrating their heritage through local cuisine, festivals, and traditions, and experience the…

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Kansas Winter Roadtrip Ideas

The itch to travel doesn’t hibernate. Cooler weather keeps us indoors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get out and explore during the cooler seasons. Take advantage of the sunny days and hit the Kansas roads with your friends and family. Your soul will thank you for it. Here are over 50 places to…

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28 Amazing State Parks in Kansas

"A" - IS FOR ACCESSIBLE TRAILS AT: TUTTLE CREEK STATE PARK Many Kansas state parks feature ADA-accessible trails, but you’ll find some of the best in this Manhattan oasis with Flint Hills scenery and a 10,900-acre reservoir. Follow the Blue River on the 1¼-mile Western Heritage Trail and weave…

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Mushroom Hunting In Kansas

Kansans typically keep a close eye on the skies. But when mid-March rolls around, a secret society of foragers turns their eyes to the earth. These mysterious few have been dreaming of their elusive prey for weeks. The weather watch, check soil temps and peruse online chatter for verified sightings…

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