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Hunter - Riverfest 2023
Hunter Feyerherm

Hunter is the current website manager for I spent my first year with the Department of Commerce as an intern before transitioning over to manage the website in March of 2022. I enjoy writing and retelling my travel experiences throughout Kansas on our blog page. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor's in Political Science. Along with the submissions to our travel blogs page, I also enjoy writing essays, articles, and treatises.

Things to do this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend has now passed us, but check out our suggestions below to help plan your summer vacation in Kansas! Feel free to still utilize my road trip ideas and suggestions for finding epic outdoor activities. Outdoor Activities Kansas is a great destination for all outdoor enthusiasts…

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Learn About Irish Roots in Kansas

St Patrick's Day 2024 Get ready for St. Patrick's Day 2024! This holiday is well-celebrated with numerous cities and towns across Kansas putting together annual parades and festivals. This isn't a " just for fun " type of celebration, either. The roots and heritage of the Irish people go back to…

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Scenic Wonders in Northwest Kansas

Earlier this fall, I decided to take a weekend getaway to see the scenic landscapes of Northwest Kansas. The inspiration to finally visit this region came from joining the team at Kansas Tourism back in March of 2022. I soon was spending hours every week awing at the photography of some of our most…

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