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Free-Range Adventures in Southwest Kansas

Talk about wide-open spaces. The southwest quadrant of Kansas (22 counties) is no faux frontier—it’s the real deal. The region carries on the centuries-old legacy of explorers and pioneers who trekked its expanse. In 1865, when the U.S. Army established Fort Dodge along the Santa Fe Trail (near…

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New Species of Bird Found in Kansas

This weekend’s Kansas birding excitement came from the southwest part of the state, when a pair of visiting birders found a pair of birds never before officially documented in the state. The birds were bronzed cowbirds, mostly native to Mexico and Central America. They were discovered at Arkalon…

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Blog Post: Oz The Great and Powerful movie

Magical. I know it sounds obvious but that simply is the best word to describe the movie Oz The Great and Powerful that premiered last weekend. The new movie that is the prequel to The Wizard of Oz, a cinema masterpiece of its time, provided the perfect date night with Hubby, who grew up watching…

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