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Good Day Kansas Explores: Salina's Sculpture Tour

Downtown Sculpture Tour Downtown Salina is home to 22 new sculptures, that is until next year rolls around. Each May, Sculpture Tour Salina unveils the new art instillments for the self-guided walking tour encouraging their community and visitors to explore downtown and appreciate public arts. From…

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10 Apps YOU NEED to have the BEST Summer EVER!

Are you ready to have the best summer ever? Exploring Kansas is a great way to add a little fun to your summertime adventures. Not sure where to get started? No worries! We’ve got a few ideas for apps that you can download to help make this the best summer ever! 1. Sunflower Summer This app from…

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Experience Agritourism in Kansas with Prothe's Pecans

I was born and raised in Kansas and have spent the majority of my adult life in this wonderful state. One thing I love about living in Kansas and being the Agritourism Manage r, almost weekly, I learn something new and interesting about agriculture in our state. Last year I traveled nearly 1,000…

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Discover the History of Women and the Orphan Train

Orphan Trains transported roughly 250,000 homeless, abandoned, and orphaned children out of cities and into rural communities and homes between 1854-1929. Today, millions of Americans are descended from these brave children, and millions more are fascinated by this historic movement. The event…

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Get Your Kicks on Kansas Historic Route 66

Road-trippers normally dread close encounters with tow trucks, but not at Cars on the Route in Galena. Stop by to see Tow Tater, the 1951 International boom truck that provided vehicular inspiration for Tow Mater in Disney·Pixar’s animated classic Cars. Just down the street, Gearhead Curios, located…

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Explore Hidden Gems With 'Abandoned Kansas'

Kansas has a wide variety of both abandoned and restored locations to visit across the entire State Tiny Jails - " It's safe to say that Tiny Jails have become my niche, I am known as the "tiny jail" girl within the Abandoned Atlas Foundation. My journey to discovering tiny jails started off in…

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Iconic Foodie Finds in Wichita

Finding iconic food in Wichita, the largest city in Kansas When you visit Kansas, you are guaranteed to find hearty meals made with love. Because of the state’s farmland and cattle ranches and fondness for potlucks and farmhouse meals, it’s no surprise you’ll find flavorful barbecue, thick-cut…

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A Story-Worthy Adventure in North Central Kansas

Who doesn’t love a good story? The North Central region of Kansas introduces inspiring characters like former President Dwight D. Eisenhower (who loved reading history books as a boy in Abilene), “Home on the Range” poet Dr. Brewster Higley, and S.P. Dinsmoor, whose quirky cement sculptures…

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