Kansas has a wide variety of both abandoned and restored locations to visit across the entire State

Tiny Jails - " It's safe to say that Tiny Jails have become my niche, I am known as the "tiny jail" girl within the Abandoned Atlas Foundation. My journey to discovering tiny jails started off in Texas with a gentleman who had written a whole book on them. This immediately piqued my interest, I had never seen anything like them before. I soon after started researching if there were any left standing in Kansas and came across a treasure trove of them all across the state. I immediately set out on a mission to document them with the help of others. I felt that some of the oldest and most interesting histories were often sitting written under our noses without realizing it and wanted to educate people about them and encourage people to visit these tiny jails.

Unique Locations - Check out a few safe to visit, abandoned locations across the state of Kansas. Walkthrough ruins and hike through hills to discover some of the most important history left standing in the Sunflower State

Restored/Museums - Here at Abandoned Kansas we love to promote the restoration and preservation of historic buildings. This is why we created the Restored Buildings/Museum category on our interactive travel map. The museums included either reside in a restored historic building or have created a campus of historic buildings that have been moved to preserve them. Whether it be a day trip or a week-long adventure check out some of the buildings saved from the wrecking ball!

To read and see more abandoned places all over the state go to AbandonedKS.com!