Geographic Center of 48 Contiguous States

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The Kansas Historical Society and the State Highway Department worked together to put up official historical markers along the Highway near Lebanon, KS. This would draw the tourists to the Center landmark. With all this accomplished, the citizens of Lebanon unveiled their permanent monument June 29, 1941 at the exact center point of the United States (latitude 39 degrees and 50 minutes and longitude 98 degrees and 35 minutes). The Hub Club had already purchased the land where the monument was erected and the group had begun work on a park at the location. A Shelter house, picnic tables and a visitor registration book were added and the quarter acre site was named the Geographical Center Park. Tourists began pouring in to see the monument. Thousands visited the park each year and the registration book soon boasted signatures of people from every state in the union and virtually every county in the world. Call it spiritual or call it Patriotic--whatever the reason--people were fascinated by the idea of standing exactly in the center of the country. They took pictures of themselves standing beside the monument and they often stopped in Lebanon to purchase souvenirs, eat and even spend the night in a local motel.

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