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Creating Legacy in Abilene

Mar 22, 2023

Photography by Jason Dailey Abilene’s new Legacy Kansas restaurant builds on century-old… Read More

Kansas Makers: Women Brewmasters

Mar 13, 2023

Photography by Aaron Patton These Kansas venues feature on-site beers created by a new generation of… Read More

Historic Opera Houses of Kansas

Dec 05, 2022

Raised across the state as edifices of high culture (at least in name), opera houses are now being… Read More

Kansas Women Trailblazers: Amelia Earhart

Mar 23, 2021

Regaled as the “Queen of the Air” during her lifetime and celebrated to this day as… Read More

Kansas Women Trailblazers: Jessie E. Woods

Mar 09, 2021

Jessie E. Woods was born in 1909 on her family’s Stafford County farm near Seward and, upon… Read More

Kansas Women Trailblazers: Erin Brockovich

Mar 02, 2021

In a 2013 speech to the San Gabriel Water Valley Forum, Erin Brockovich said that while growing up… Read More

Kansas Women Trailblazers: Janelle Monáe

Mar 16, 2021

Many Kansas-born artists, musicians, actors, and other creative types came of age and into their… Read More


Behind the Lens with Jeff McPheeters

Mar 10, 2023

A conversation with KANSAS! photographers about their work and the iconic images of our home state… Read More

Behind the Lens with Nick Krug

Jul 28, 2022

A conversation with KANSAS! photographers about their lives in photography Originally raised in St… Read More

Dwayne's Prints On

Jul 21, 2022

A world-famous photo lab in Kansas continues to thrive under a new generation Photography by Bill… Read More

Behind the Lens with Kansas Landscape Photographer Scott Bean

Jan 11, 2022

Scott Bean Based in Manhattan, Scott Bean is a Kansas landscape and nature photographer, often with… Read More

Behind the Lens with Marilyn Friesen

Jan 13, 2020

A conversation with KANSAS! photographers about their work and the iconic images of our home state… Read More



Eclectic Stays in Kansas

  • 12 minutes

Photo by Nick Krug Enhance your weekend getaway experience If you’ve ever wished you could change your outlook on life by disappearing for a weekend or maybe a week—but not have to spend a bundle…

History & Heritage

Military Forts in Kansas are more than Relics

  • 8 minutes

Even before Kansas was admitted to the union, the United States military had recognized the importance of our central location. Soldiers protected the trails, fought in wars spreading west, north and…

History & Heritage

Discovering Lewis and Clark

  • 8 minutes

Editor's note: This article was originally featured in the winter issue of 2003. Quotes and descriptions were pulled from journal entries. We camped in one of the most beautiful plains I ever saw…

History & Heritage

The Most Famous Cabins in Kansas

  • 2 minutes

Little House on the Prairie Cabin Amidst the serene landscape, there are a few cabins that have gained fame and become iconic symbols of the state. These cabins not only provide a glimpse into the…

Reasons to Love Kansas

Chasing the Unbeatable

  • 7 minutes

Photography by David Mayes Kansas athletes have achieved magnificent sporting records, and a few of them might just last forever … or until tomorrow Bob Fisher is standing at the free-throw line…

History & Heritage

How to get Started Exploring Your Family's History

  • 3 minutes

Interested in your family's history and genealogy? These are the resources you should use. Ready to start learning about your ancestors or family history in Kansas? Feeling a little overwhelmed…

Food & Drink

Wildcat Dining Star

  • 6 minutes

Photography by David Mayes Kansas State University’s national reputation for tasty food in pleasant settings owes much to the work of Dr. Mary Molt An educator and culinary innovator for nearly a…

History & Heritage

A Paper Moon Pilgrimage

  • 6 minutes

Photography by Jessi Jacobs Celebrate 50 years of this classic Hollywood film by following the heroes’ route across Kansas or stopping by any of the numerous locations and events commemorating the…

  • 3 minutes

Photography by Kevin Anderson A historic Leavenworth cemetery is added to the National Register of Historic Places as preservation groups work to protect and restore it When the Greenwood Cemetery was…