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200 Years of the Santa Fe Trail



KANSAS! Magazine

Watercolor painting by Doug Holdread. This scene depicts an event described by Marion Russell in 1852 along the Cimarron Route (in present-day New Mexico) of the Santa Fe Trail; a group of travelers is spooked by a desert mirage, mistaking the sun and sands for a vision of a hostile raiding party on the horizon. Image courtesy Santa Fe Trail Association.



A Lavender Spring

By Cecilia Harris

Kansas farmers help move a traditional fragrance into the kitchen

Fishing across Kansas

By Michael Pearce

State and federal programs open up fishing waters across the state

Behind the Lens 

with Bill Stephens

A conversation with KANSAS! photographers about their lives in photography

Fort Larned

Story by Cecilia Harris

A new permanent exhibition highlights the role and the legacy of a military outpost on the Santa Fe Trail


A Different Oil Field

Story by Meta Newell West, photography by Bill Stephens

A small family farm creates artisanal sunflower oil in northwest Kansas


Two Hundred Years of the Santa Fe Trail

Story by Beccy Tanner, artwork courtesy of the Santa Fe Trail Association

A vital land trail receives recognition and a reappraisal of its role in American history and in shaping the future of Kansas

After Ad Adstra

Story by Amber Fraley, photography by Mark Mangan

When the government pulled the plug on Ed Dwight Jr.’s chance to become the nation’s first Black astronaut, the talented Kansas native refocused his life into becoming a barbecue entrepreneur, a personal pilot, and then one of the nation’s most sought-after sculptors