About Kansas Agritourism

Agritourism History

Agritourism businesses in Kansas have been around for a number years. It is only in recent years that this industry was given an official name and strategically promoted to tourists.

The Kansas Agritourism Promotion Act was signed into law in 2004. The purpose of the act is to promote the growth of the agritourism industry in Kansas. Benefits of the legislation include:

  • The creation of a registration process through which the state can assist in the promotion of agritourism operations
  • Limiting liability through signage, which advises visitors of inherent risks.

Agritourism Advisory Council

The Agritourism Advisory Council was created in 2004 to guide and advance the growth of agritourism. Advisory Council members include agricultural groups, tourism associations, state agencies, community groups and agritourism businesses. Council members provide feedback and input on the needs of the industry, including legislation, education and marketing opportunities.

The Agritourism Advisory Council meets four times per year in different locations throughout the state. Producer members are appointed through a nomination process.

Guidelines for becoming a council member

Nomination Form