Kansas Micro-Influencers

Invite destination travelers from Kansas who are looking to blog their next experience on TravelKS.com and personal blogs. From music festivals to short day trips to a new location or business, these bloggers and influencers want to share Kansas and its destinations with everyone they meet. 

Kansas Tourism has built great relationships with some proud Kansans who love to post on Instagram and blog about their adventures. We have worked with them to begin monthly traveler blogs, received hundreds of photos to use in our marketing materials, and more. Now they want to do more and they love working with you! 

Each micro-influencer/blogger has their own aesthetic and provides a different take on each event/destination. You can find a couple of their blogs here!

If you would like to have a micro-influencer/blogger visit your destination, event, business, etc. please contact Colby.

Budget Conscious? 

  • Micro-influencers don't work free, but many times free entry to an event, special access such as VIP status or meet-and-greets, or comped food/stay are all they require. 
  • Budgets can be small or large, each micro-influencer will be different and you can base your cost on what you are looking for from them. 
  • Partner with other attractions, businesses, towns, etc to create a package for the influencer if your budget cannot handle something small alone. 


  • Blog on TravelKS.com from the micro-influencer with promotion from Kansas Tourism on social, website, and e-news.
  • Social media posts from the micro-influencer.
  • Form relationships with micro-influencers for future work, longevity, and possible partnerships.


Colby Headshot

Colby Sharples-Terry PR & Communications Manager