The goal of the Kansas Tourism marketing plan is to increase visitor spending statewide by developing several markets: domestic and out-of-state leisure, international and group, as well as niche markets such as nature-based, agritourism and culinary. To accomplish this, the Kansas Tourism Marketing programs work to achieve the following objectives:

  • Educate and engage consumers in the Kansas image and use this to differentiate Kansas from its competitors
  • Carry the Kansas image through all contact points with the consumer and across all program areas of the Kansas Tourism Division
  • Build awareness of Kansas tourism opportunities among our key target audiences
  • Motivate consumers to actively seek more information about the state sites, events, and activities
  • Stimulate itinerary planning and increase length of stay decisions before arrival through such collateral materials as the Kansas Tourism website and the Travel Guide
  • Promote Kansas through public relations and group travel
  • Create industry cooperative marketing opportunities such as print, broadcast, and electronic advertising, public relations, and group tours

Marketing your business or destination is tough. Kansas Tourism and our partners are here to help you identify the best opportunities to put your message in front of the right people at the right time. 

The guide provides inspiration and planning tools for those with an interest in traveling in Kansas. 350,000 guides are distributed annually to people who request them and at rest stops, visitor centers, and events, in and out of Kansas. 

The Tourism Signage Program was developed to increase awareness for travelers and residents of tourism operations and attractions. It ensures that road signage for tourism attractions is consistent with road safety and other road and traffic objectives, and provides effective…

Kansas Tourism manages two state travel information centers (TIC). TIC staff greet over 200,000 visitors annually and assist the visitor with travel directions, road conditions, and lodging reservations. 

Marketing Contact

Jordan Roemerman Marketing Manager

Public Relations Contact

Colby Sharples-Terry PR & Communications Manager