FAQs about KANSAS!

Common Subscriber Questions


How many times per year is KANSAS! published?

KANSAS! is published 5 times a year.

I just subscribed to KANSAS!. When will I receive my first issue?

Depending on when the previous magazine was released, it could take between 4-8 weeks for an issue to be received.

I’m a subscriber, which issue will I receive the annual calendar with?

The calendar will be received in November with the winter issue.

I’ve received another renewal notice even though I’ve paid. Why?

If you’ve sent in your renewal payment within the last few weeks, it is possible that your payment and the next renewal notice crossed in the mail. If your payment shows it’s been posted and you receive another notice, you should contact our customer service at (800) 678-6424 or (785) 296-8478.

What if the magazine issue is damaged or never arrives?

Satisfied subscribers is highly important to us. We’re happy to replace any issues damaged in the mail or not received. Email or call us at (785) 296-8478 to replace an issue.


General Questions

Where can I find a copy of KANSAS!?

The magazine can be found on newsstands throughout the state. Specific stores to include Dillons, Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, Walgreens and Target.

Digital versions of KANAS! can be found here

I was featured in the magazine; can I purchase additional copies of the magazine?

Yes! All individuals and businesses featured in an issue will receive complimentary copies. Additional copies can be purchased at a discounted rate – email us to inquire.