Submit Your Photography

Submission Guidelines 
  • All images & documents should be clearly labeled with the photographer's name.
  • Submissions require an information form. Please upload a word doc or PDF.
             Please include: Photographer name, email, phone number, address. 
                                 Image info: title, location (county) 
  • Submission without a corresponding information document will not be considered.
  • File Format - JPG (submissions can be low res, but high res will be required for print)
Payment & Rights
  • Photographers are compensated based on a single, one-time use rate
  • Photographers maintain all ownership and rights to their image
  • Photographers will also receive complimentary copies of the issue their image(s) is featured in

(click on a date to submit photography via Dropbox) 

Don't forget to include your submission form

Please send only images that reflect the appropriate season by the deadlines listed above. (For instance, send scenic shots of fall color by May 1.)