Reasons We Love Kansas

Each season we countdown the reasons to love Kansas.

  • 2 minutes

My family’s connection to Kansas started with my tribe’s removal to Kansas territory 175 years ago. My family has farmed Kansas land ever since. Because of that history, Kansas has always been my…

Food & Drink

Poppin 'Good: Princeton Popcorn

  • 2 minutes

KANSAS!/Bill Stephen Bob Ralph was raised a city boy, in the heart of Overland Park. But when he was growing up there in the 1980s, he frequented a patch of nearby farmland that became his…

History & Heritage

Talking Kansas

  • 3 minutes

Michael King and Brad Smalley, of Wild West Podcast. Photo credit: Rachael Sebastian Kansas-themed podcasts share their deep dives into the state’s legends and attractions Wild West Podcast Michael…

History & Heritage

Editor's Note: In Search of Elizabeth Polly

  • 3 minutes

“Have you heard the story about...,” is usually how it all begins. A remarkable (often unbelievable) tale that’s passed down through the generations, told around the glow of a crackling campfire to…

History & Heritage

High School in the Heartland

  • 2 minutes

Topeka High School Colors: Black & Gold | Mascot: Trojans This year marks Topeka High School’s 150th anniversary and the 90th anniversary of its famous gothic-style structure, which is on the…

Arts & Entertainment

11 Epic Murals to Explore

  • 6 minutes

Of all the two-dimensional art forms, perhaps none is as epic or accessible as the mural Mural artists and experts Lora Jost and Dave Lowenstein, authors of Kansas Murals: A Traveler’s Guide…

  • 3 minutes

In a 2013 speech to the San Gabriel Water Valley Forum, Erin Brockovich said that while growing up in the Sunflower State, her mother and father taught her “the greatest gifts we have are our family…

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