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For more than 75 years KANSAS! magazine has celebrated the best of the Sunflower State.

Our audience is passionate about Kansas and supporting local businesses. A dedicated readership to our print magazine, we continue to grow and engage a larger audience through social media, our website and emails directly to consumers.

KANSAS! Magazine

Since 1945, KANSAS! has been the premier lifestyle magazine of the Sunflower State. Celebrating the best of Kansas. Our magazine features stories and striking imagery of Kansas travel, food, history, people, and places. Our readers are passionate about Kansas, the magazine inspires subscribers to experience their home state and many readers keep past issues for future travel planning. KANSAS! has been nationally and internationally recognized by the International Regional Media Association.

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The KANSAS! brand extends beyond the pages of the magazine to our website, social media and emails. We provide opportunities for advertisers and sponsors to connect directly to our digital audiences on multiple platforms. Digital advertising can be packaged with print opportunities or strictly digital.

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We are continuedly looking at new opportunities to share messaging with our audience in collaborative and innovative ways. If you have a specific interest or idea, please feel free to contact us to see what we can do.

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