Kansas Calendar Photography

What to know about submitting your photography for our annual calendar.

Each year we select 13 images that best depict the beauty held within the borders of the Sunflower State.  This treasured calendar has become as iconic as the magazine itself.  All subscribers of KANSAS! receives a free calendar with their November issues. Plus, we the calendar is sold on its own online and at our office. 

Number of Photos to Submit: 10 - 30 of your "best of Kansas" images

File Format & Orientation: jpg, low res can be submitted but high res will be needed for print. Horizontal photos are preferred and work best. The original image may require cropping. 

*Final images will be selected in July, and photographers with images chosen will be contacted. 

Submit photos & information form here: KANSAS! Calendar Photography Submission - Deadline May 31st (each year)

Tips for what we're looking for:

Types of photography to submit:

  • Seasonal landscapes from all across Kansas
  • Wildlife & nature
  • Moments of Kansas living - agriculture, community life & events 
  • What not to submit: staged and portrait photography

Each year we receive 100s of images of the Flint Hills. While we too love the beautiful landscape, only one image of the Flint Hills will be chose for the calendar. We encourage photographers to send photos of areas they consider "hidden gems." Those places a bit more off the beaten path, that will make people say "that's Kansas?" 

What to Keep in Mind

The calendar is in a landscape format, and horizontal images tend to crop (if needed) better than a vertical image. You can submit photography taken with a phone, but to ensure print quality, if a final image is not 300dpi it will not be selected.  

If you're submitting photos from the Kansas City area, please make sure the subject is on the Kansas side. Photos captured on the Missouri side will not be considered.

Last, only photographers who are selected to have an image in the calendar will be notified. If you're image is not selected this year, please continue to submit for future calendars or feature opportunities - like the magazine's gallery section or Kansas Captured.