Kansas Byways

The Kansas Byways Program was formed to identify and designate scenic roadways to enjoy the traveling public in Kansas. It is related to the National Scenic Byways Program, a project of the 1991 Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA). The National Scenic Byways Program seeks to identify and designate national scenic byways to increase tourism and educate the traveling public about our nation's environment, history and culture.

The Kansas Byways Program is designed to work within existing state and local regulations. The program does not require significant local financial investment or infringe on individual private property rights.

The Kansas Byways Committee includes representatives from:
 • Kansas Department of Transportation
Kansas Department of Commerce
Kansas Tourism
Kansas State Historical Society 
Federal Highway Administration

Kansas Byways are the best way to see the state. Below you will find maps, itineraries, and corridor management plans for each of Kansas’ 12 scenic byways.

Find information on byway criteria, new byway designations, and plans for maintaining and promoting the Kansas Byways program.

For questions about Kansas Byways, please contact Lisa Hecker - Byways Manager. Email: lisa.hecker@ks.gov Phone: (785) 230-5609