Grinter Farm Sunflowers

Grinter Sunflower Farm

Grinter Farms offers fields full of blooming sunflowers in the late summer. Perfect photo opportunities or pick a sunflower... Learn more

Kansas Sunflowers

Known not only as the state flower, but also as a gorgeous backdrop for photos around Kansas! Sunflowers pop up each summer in the state and here is where you can see user photos to find those locations perfect for a quick photo. Fields range from private to public, so please be respectful of the fields and research before you head out with a camera. Fields are planted at different times and weather can affect bloom peaks. Most fields have Facebook pages that they update, so keep an eye on those as they share when their fields are at their best. Enjoy the beauty of these yellow flowers while they thrive in the Kansas sun. Even take a couple stems home as some fields just ask for a small donation so that they can plant again for you next year. View the map below for locations!

Check out these fields each year:

  1. Grinter Farms
  2. Berry Hill UPick Farm
  3. Eleanor's
  4. Britt's Garden Acres
  5. Elk City Wildlife Area
  6. Schwinn Produce Farm
  7. Melvern Reservoir, Eisenhower State Park and Melvern Wildlife Area
  8. Tuttle Creek Reservoir, State Park and Wildlife Area
  9. Woodson State Fishing Lake
  10. Kansas Maze, Inc.
  11. Peterson Farm


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