There is a debate over which is the best part of riding a motorcycle. Some will say it’s the ride. The freedom and open air are therapeutic. Others find their joy in the destination, the places you visit and the people you share the experiences with make a motorcycle the only way to travel. The beauty of a Kansas ride is that it provides opportunities for both. As with all things in Kansas, the diversity of the state means whatever your reason for riding, it is available here.

Where to Ride

If you crave the open road, Kansas offers some of the best riding in the country. The state is well-known for maintaining its roads, which means smooth, easy riding. Here are some must-ride roads to experience the beauty of Kansas.


Interstate 70 cuts through the heart of Kansas. Though it may not be the first place riders think about when they ride, I-70 offers a great introduction to the state. With a full-day ride, you can travel the entirety of the state. Begin in Western Kansas and fuel up in peaceful Goodland. 400 miles later, you can find yourself in the hustle and bustle of Kansas City, with plenty of gas, coffee, and scenery along the way.

US Hwy 24

Like I-70, Highway 24 spans the width of the state but offers a much different ride. US 24 overlaps with I-70 from the west edge of the state until Colby; it then travels the northern part of the state before rejoining I-70 again at Lawrence. US 24 offers a different ride compared to the interstate. The highway delivers a slower pace and plenty of opportunities to encounter the small communities and Midwest friendliness Kansas is famous for!

Kansas Byways

Kansas has 12 byways, 9 scenic and 3 historic. Find scenery, culture, and plenty of open roads on each. If you are ready for a great view and plenty of curves, travel the Native Stone Byway. History lovers will enjoy the 167 miles of the Frontier Military Historic Byway spanning Ft. Leavenworth, through Ft. Scott, and into the Southeast corner of the state. The byway travels through the battlefields and cities of Kansas’ turbulent Bleeding Kansas era.

For lovers of the road, Kansas provides a chance to travel the country’s most iconic road, Route 66. The Route 66 Historic Byway features the only remaining Marsh Arch bridge on Route 66.

Highway 24

US Highway 24 in Kansas stretches across the state's Northeast, North Central, and Northwest regions from Kansas City to Kanorado. The route…


We have a list of the top things to do along I-70 in Kansas, including where to find great food, overnight lodging, and museums! Driving…

Kansas Byways

Kansas has twelve byways, nine scenic and three historic. Two of the nine scenic byways are designated as National Scenic Byways: The Flint…

Motorcycle Events & Attractions

When you’re looking to stretch your legs and rest your saddle after a long ride, Kansas provides plenty to do. Plant the kickstand and enjoy some of these unique Kansas treasures.

Thunder on the Smoky - Marquette

This event is becoming one of the fastest-growing motorcycling rallies in the state. Each year all motorcyclists are invited to Marquette to join the scenic backdrops of the central prairies. 

Tourists and motorcycle enthusiasts alike have come from every state in the nation as well as many foreign countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Iraq, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, Australia, and Sweden to participate in the Thunder on the Smoky and visit the unique Kansas Motorcycle Museum in the heart of the state.

Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum

Twisted Oz is a Motorcycle Museum located in Augusta, which is just outside of Wichita. This collection carries over 70 vintage motorcycles and the perfect atmosphere for enthusiasts as they pass through the amazing artifacts of the time. Did we say that admission is... FREE! The hours are from Wednesday through Sunday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


The Kansas Motorcycle Museum, located in Marquette, houses more than 100 vintage and rare motorcycles. The museum is a tribute to the 50-year career of the legendary racer Stan Engdahl. You can also catch all of Kansas' premiere motorcycle museums on our Motorcycle Museum Tour.

Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum

Located in along US Highway 400 in Augusta, Kansas, the Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum offers over 70 vintage motorcycles, a nostalgic…

Evel Knievel Museum & 

Yesterday’s Motorcycle Museum

Topeka’s Historic Harley Davidson is world-renowned for its restoration work on classic motorcycles. Owners travel worldwide to have their classic bikes restored at the shop. The shop also houses Yesterday’s Motorcycle Museum, a collection of 30 vintage and rare Harley Davidson motorcycles. Come hungry and visit Henry’s Grill inside the shop for some great BBQ. Topeka Historic Harley Davidson also houses the Evel Knievel Museum, featuring the world’s largest collection of Evel Knievel memorabilia making a stop at the shop a two-for-one biker history stop. Round out your stop with a visit to the world’s oldest motorcycle down the street at Kickstart Saloon.

Evel Knievel Museum

Evel Knievel's authentic performance leathers, jump bikes and memorabilia are housed in a permanent museum at the Historic…

Motorcycling + Motor Sports

Some people ride to live. Some people live to ride. Whichever you are, there's a just-right ride waiting for you in Kansas. Hit the open…