Cottonwood Falls and Strong City make up the heart of the beautiful Flint Hills, marked by miles of amber tall grass unique to the Midwest and Kansas. The two centrally located cities are about a 10-minute drive apart, but both have a rich history and landmarks worth a drive for the Flint Hills National Scenic BywayTallgrass Prairie National Preserve and so much more. Word is getting out about these two best-kept secrets. Come explore Cottonwood Falls and Strong City for yourself.

Flint Hills

The Flint Hills National Scenic Byway offers incredible views of the native grasses and flowers of the tallgrass prairie - one of the last…

Strong City

Travelers from around the world include a visit to this small town on their bucket list. Home of the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and…

Cottonwood Falls

Nestled in the heart of the Flint Hills and situated along the breathtaking Flint Hills National Scenic Byway, Cottonwood Falls showcases…

Embark on a Scenic Byway Exploration

Drive along the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway. This 47-mile-long route has beautiful landscapes of native flowers and grasses. Going south, follow Highway 177 to pass through Strong City and Cottonwood Falls. You will find the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, home to the Flint Hills, just north of Strong City. What once covered 170 million acres of North America, only 4% of the Tallgrass Prairie remains in the Kansas Flint Hills. It is now filled with hiking trails and a bison herd. You may also find Chase State Fishing Lake and the Chase Lake Falls waterfall along the byway in Cottonwood Falls.

Chase State Fishing Lake

Chase State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area is located 1.5 miles west of Cottonwood Falls. When visiting the lake, be sure to explore behind…

Chase Lake Falls

Prather Creek Falls, also known as Chase Lake Falls, may not be the tallest of all the waterfalls in Kansas, but it’s become one of my…

Take a Glimpse into the Past

Cottonwood Falls is filled with historical houses, barns, and museums. Stay in The Prairie House or the 1879 Stone House, these guesthouses were built in the late 1800s and 1900s. You can experience all of The Lark Inn Guesthouses that can sleep up to 6 to 8 guests. The Cavalry Historic Barn was once an armory, but now displays infantry equipment from the early 1900s. The barn is located in Swope Park, which is filled with historical locations such as the All Veterans Memorial.

Honor the soldiers who served in the Civil War. You can also check out historic artifacts and photos in the Chase County Historical Society Museum. The Chase County Courthouse, built in the 1870s, holds the annual celebration of Chase County Sesquicentennial Celebration. Enjoy all-day live music, a car show, food and craft vendors, a parade, and end the night with fireworks.

Chase County Courthouse

1879 Stone House

This artfully revitalized stone house built on the cusp of the US migration to the west in 1879 is… Read More

The Prairie House

This recently remodeled prairie house is fully furnished and will sleep up to 6 guests. This Lark… Read More

Lark Inn on Main

It’s alright . . . go ahead . . . relax on the large front porch or the flint rock patio sipping… Read More

Lark Inn at Fox Hollow

Nestled harmoniously with the many oaks and other trees The Lark Inn at Fox Hollow is a perfect… Read More

Cavalry Historic Barn

This historic barn built of native limestone is all that remains of Chase County’s Cavalry Unit. In… Read More

Swope City Park & Campground

Located on the Southeast corner of KS Highway 177 and 210 Road (behind Dollar General) For a… Read More

All Veterans Memorial

The Chase County All Veterans Memorial is located in a peaceful, quiet corner of Swope Park. It… Read More

Chase County Courthouse

Built 1872-1873, this French Renaissance native limestone building is the oldest working courthouse… Read More

Chase County Historical Society Museum

Houses a wonderful, comprehensive collection of Chase County artifacts, photos, all newspapers that… Read More

Taste the Heartland

Check out some of the tastiest food when you travel to Cottonwood Falls and Strong City. The Cottonwood Falls Grand Central Hotel & Grill has been owned by Suzan Barnes for 27 years, which was originally built in 1884. The Grand Grill is known for their incredible steaks, ribeye and fillets. You can enjoy the hospitality and fine dining. The Doghouse Saloon is the perfect bar to end your day with a drink. Indulge in soup, salad and sandwiches at Chef Stan’s Place in Strong City. 

Grand Central Hotels

Whether it’s the few Kansas waterfalls, the All Veterans Memorial or an amazing grill inside a hotel, great places are waiting. Don’t just take our word for it, adventure to Cottonwood Falls or Strong City this weekend. To learn more about Chase County and its cities, check out

Grand Central Hotel & Grill

Fine dining steak restaurant with full bar and wine list. Open daily except Sunday. Highly recommend reservations at all times…

Doghouse Saloon

Hard day at the office? avoiding in-laws? need a break from shopping downtown or just cutting loose with friends? If the answer to…

Chef Stan's Place

Affectionately known as "the little restaurant on the prairie, here you will find delicious food with a fabulous view! Open Sunday…

South Central Kansas

Seek to uplift your heart with lofty pursuits and sophisticated, cultured settings. Life here is For The Seekers.