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Allison Doll
Allison Doll

Allison is a senior at Kansas State University - Majoring in Mass Communications.  She joined the tourism staff as a summer intern in 2017.

Dream Job: My dream job would definitely have to be an ice cream tester.  They get to eat ice cream all day and they get to use a golden spoon to do it.  (look it up if you don't believe me) A more realistic career would be becoming a PR representative for an agriculture related company. 

Favorite Hobby: Watching movies and roaming the aisles of Target

Something You Can't Live Without: Dillon's Chinese Food

Kansas: Beneath the Surface

Kansas is home to many interesting places and things, like the world’s largest ball of twine in Cawker City, or S.P. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden in Lucas. What if I told you that some of Kansas’s most interesting attractions are located just beneath your shoes. Don’t believe me? Check out these six…

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