Happy Kansas Day

Americans have been vacationing since the 1860s, first popularized by a well-known pastor of the time who encouraged people to “vacate their homes” to experience the wilderness and reconnect with humanity. Rest and relaxation became essential to living a healthy life.

And yet, in today’s world, we’re so focused on where we go on vacation, that we’ve forgotten why we go on vacation. Family trips are often stress-induced, jam-packed, and expensive. We’re so busy posting highlight reels on social media, we forget to take the time to rest and recharge. Get back to the heart of what a vacation is meant to be: A suspension of our daily schedules, filled with rest, recreation, and exploration. Let’s reclaim vacation in Kansas.

Starting on Kansas Day, January 29, we invite you to join us in reclaiming the very meaning of taking a vacation. Of exploring someplace new. Of feeling rejuvenated from an adventure. Make this the year you reclaim your vacation. Start planning now! #VacationinKansas #ToTheStarsKS

Kansas Day

By the Regions

Whether you're ready for a vacation filled with rest and relaxation or one filled to the brim with adventure and excitement, Kansas is the destination for you. We know that it's a big state to enjoy, so we've broken the state into six, easy-to-explore regions. Each of these regions has its own unique vibe, so buckle in and find the corner of the state that's perfect for you.

Kansas Day Through the Years

Kansas Day

Home on the Range

For 2023, we asked 5 artists from Kansas to perform their version of "Home on the Range" - our official state song. Listen to each artist's take on the iconic tune when you click on the links below.

A Movement To the Stars

Capitol Topeka

A Poetic Tribute to Kansas

In 2022, we partnered with famous and distinguished Kansans to recite "To The Stars" by Ron Wilson, Poet 'Lariat' in our state's iconic capitol.

A Kansas Brand Anthem

Mushroom rock in the evening with stars overhead

To the Stars

Find out why The Kansas experience is a salute to the real. To the rowdy. To the wide-eyed wanderers. To the dreamers. To the Stars.

Kansas Day Celebrations

Ready to celebrate the Sunflower State?

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