Finding autism-friendly activities in Kansas’ largest city, Wichita

April is World Autism Month. To recognize the month, we are highlighting some of the autism-friendly activities you can find in Wichita, Kansas’ largest city.

For many parents, coming up with family vacation ideas is fun and exciting. Yet for families traveling with someone on the autism spectrum, planning autism-friendly getaways can also be daunting and riddled with anxiety. Crowd size, accessibility of activities, and potential sensory overload are just a few of the factors that go into finding an autism-friendly activity.

While Wichita is the most-populated city in Kansas, it remains easy to navigate, has ample parking, consists of wide-open spaces, and has many other attributes that make it attractive to families traveling with children with autism. And because it’s the state’s largest city, there are many attractions that are autism-friendly.

Before we jump in, we want to acknowledge autism is a spectrum, and that children with autism have unique sensory needs and these suggestions may not work for everyone. It is our hope you will find inspiration and ideas you can use when planning a visit to the heart of the country.



Outdoor activities

Want to avoid crowds and get some fresh air? Try going on a hunt for murals. In fact, murals have popped up all over Kansas, so no matter where you go in the state, you can find the perfect artistic background for family photos. Other outdoor activities in Wichita that children on the autism spectrum may enjoy include exploring parks and outdoor areas like Pawnee Prairie Park and experiencing the Keeper of the Plains. Enjoy a variety of activities with little to no wait time at O.J. Watson Park. There are paddle boats, a train ride, a playground and a miniature golf course.

Great Plains Nature Center

Open-air and free admission make the Great Plains Nature Center a great place for families with a child with autism. Even if things don’t go as planned and you have to leave shortly after arrival, it’s free so you can come and go to fit your needs. The indoor museum features animals of the plains and an aquarium. Bring a quarter for turtle food before heading out to the wildlife trails at Chisholm Creek Park, which is just outside the doors of the museum.

Other museums and attractions with free admission include the Wichita Art Museum on Saturdays, Wichita-Sedgwick Co. Historical Museum and Old Cowtown Museum on Sundays, CityArtsMark ArtsThe Original Pizza Hut MuseumUlrich Museum of Art, and the Great Plains Transportation Museum.

Wichita Public Library - Advanced Learning Library

As the largest and newest public library facility in Wichita, the Advanced Learning Library is a great resource and place to find quiet, cozy nooks. Plus, they recently opened a STEAM Learning Garden. It features interactive play stations that promote learning skills related to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.


Wichita Library

Children's Playground

Stearman Field Bar & Grill

Autism families know all too well the challenges of dining. Not only does Stearman Field Bar & Grill – located approximately 20 to 25 minutes northeast of downtown Wichita – have ample space to enjoy a meal on their indoor/outdoor patio, they also have a playground nearby for children of all abilities to burn off some energy. And don’t forget the planes that are likely to be taking off and landing just feet from the patio!  

Other eateries that feature a patio where you may find a quiet, cozy spot to enjoy a meal include Dempsey’s Burger Pub or Ziggy’s Pizza in Clifton Square, Prost in Revolutsia, all four Meddys locations (NortheastNorthwestSoutheastOld Town, and West) and Two Brothers BBQ (east and west). 

Or, order carryout from downtown eateries like Old Mill Tasty ShopThe KitchenNortons Brewing Co.Bite Me BBQ and Homegrown Wichita and enjoy the newly-redesigned Naftzger Park, which features plenty of available outdoor seating throughout the park.

If your child with autism has a specific interest, check out this list of museums by topic:

Because every family and child is unique, check out even more ideas of things to do and options for dining in Wichita to find just the right fit to make your visit to the heart of the country a memorable one.


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